Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Our First Christmas!

Christmas time is finally here! Sunday night (December 23rd) we went down to the Faught Christmas Party. We had it a night early so Keyanee, Ashlee, and Cody could be with us. Which was super fun for Kason and I because we were planning on going to his family's party for Christmas Eve and so I was a little bummed to be missing the one at my Grandma Faught's house. We lucked out and got to do both! It scares me how often things work out just the way I want them too :) We had a great time down there and a lovely dinner. It felt weird leaving that night knowing the next day was Christmas Eve and I wasn't going to be with my family. I was super excited to be with Kason and his family, but I just couldn't help but feel like I was missing something. That day Kason had to work and so I hung out at home and watched Christmas movies. When he got there we got ready to go to dinner at Bronson and Daphne (his cousins') house. They have a lovely home and it was fun to be with Kason's family and all of Aunt Cindy and Uncle Roger's family. We had a finger food dinner and then we played a couple games. It was a really fun night. On our way home I was texting my mom and I was just so sad. I wasn't sad that we weren't with them, I just was sad that Christmas isn't the same as it used to be. Don't get me wrong I was SO happy to be spending my first Christmas with just Kason and I but I just told him I was bummed ***PARENTAL DISCLAIMER*** because my whole life Santa had magically brought Christmas. Even when I was older and knew better, I still didn't have proof that it was my mom and dad because they still made everything a surprise. ALWAYS! I finally at this point am BAWLING because I know I have the most wonderful parents who have made Christmas so magical and I was so sad that tonight I had to be Santa and put all of our gifts out. I was excited to be Santa all of December and I had made sure that he brought the most wonderful surprises so it would still be magical for Kason. But I was worried that for me, it would just feel weird. Kason told me that he would take me down to Bunkerville for the night, but I didn't want to be a big baby, just a tiny one. I told him I really was fine I just was sad that the magic of Christmas was finally over and I would just have to accept that. We were driving over to Kelton and Kelli's house to open our family gifts to each other and so I told him I would be fine I just wanted to cry for a second and then I would pull it all together again. I completely forgot my sadness and had so much fun with our family. Hadley and Grayson can make anyone feel better! :) Words cannot describe how grateful I am that Kason's family is who they are and that they are mine now too. I am so in love with everything about them! After a while we decided we better head home and get ready for Santa to come. On the way home I couldn't help but think about my sad feelings once again but I didn't cry. We opened the garage and gathered our things and I opened the kitchen door and at first didn't notice anything and then it hit me that there were presents everywhere and a note that said, "Merry Christmas Love, Santa" .... Ahh, my heart literally was about to burst as I exclaimed for Kason to come and look! I couldn't believe it! I couldn't believe that I had been so sad about this very thing and a magical Christmas had yet come to me once again. It really truly isn't the gifts, it was the thought that my mom and dad would make us, especially me, feel so important. So here I am, 23 years old, and yet still have NO proof that a magical Santa doesn't come on Christmas Eve. In my heart, I hope he always will!

We were so spoiled! My mom and dad are so kind and we do Christmas a little different at our house and I was really nervous that Kason would find that odd since it was his first Christmas spending it with us. It turned out perfect though! We got a big new 3D TV and some patio furniture and Santa brought Kason a gun and a drill and other odds and ends, he brought me a sewing machine, and boots, and some new scriptures that say, "Nakelle Ashlin Prisbrey!" Such a nice ring to it huh? His family spoiled us too with Tai Pan gift cards and Costco gift cards... PS that is the greatest idea ever!? Did you know you could get gift cards for Costco!? We can't wait to spend that! I could literally list forever the wonderful things we got for Christmas but really we just enjoyed spending our time with Family and are a little sad to have it all come to a slow down. We truly are blessed beyond words!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Happenings

We tried to do spend December doing as many fun Christmas things as possible. We looked at Christmas lights, we made these yummy gingerbread cookies for Family Home Evening one night, we wrapped presents, drank hot chocolate, and of course made a gingerbread house. This was obviously way more exciting to me than to Kason. I stressed about it for days. I wanted to have all the right materials and I wanted it to be perfect! Kason however, just wanted to build something and handed over the frosting 5 minutes after it fell apart the first time. Boys are so silly :) He was very understanding of my OCD however and he was a great watcher! There is something about having the perfect gingerbread house ya know? It was fun doing it together and making a mess of the frosting. We loved how it turned out and he literally had to pep talk me into throwing it out when Christmas was over. That was a rough day ha ha ha!
I am SO proud of our stockings and so proud to say that I made them myself! With of course a tiny bit of help from my mom. We didn't have a pattern and so I was a little lost and so she helped me get the stocking part done and when I got home I decided it would be cute to make them a little more personal. I hand stitched our names and the edges and they were so cute! Perfect in fact and I loved how special they were to both of us. I couldn't help but get emotional as I finished Kason's name and showed him (probably more so because it was late) but also because I am so happy we are married and he is all mine and we get to spend all these wonderful moments in life together. I also told him when I was finished that I was NOT ready to hand stitch another one so he better keep the babies clear for a little longer! :)
Another tradition we started this year was Christmas Eve pajamas. However, anyone who knows me, knows it wouldn't be enough to go to JC Penny and buy the pajamas (like everyone kept suggesting) I wanted to make them! I went and picked out the fabric which was of course a lifetime event for me. I just couldn't decide and I wanted them to be not girly, but cute, whew I think that was close to the hardest part! I had my sweet Grandma Beaumont (Blackmon) help me figure out everything and she is such a great teacher! She was telling me to do things that weren't even in the pattern. How the heck are people supposed to know how to do them... if they aren't in the pattern! I guess you just have to have a super fabulous grandma there to help! Once we got them cut out, she figured the rest would be pretty easy and my mom should be able to guide me through it... (did I mention I have never sewed anything.. like ever) So I came down one night and I was working on pinning them so I could make the first stitches. My mom decided to take over for a second and told me I pinned them funny and asked me to re pin them, and then go downstairs and stitch where the pins were. She also told me to sew over it twice because it was the crotch area and it needed to be sturdy. So I went downstairs and did what she said. I was so PROUD! I literally ran upstairs so fast I could have pulled a muscle! I ran over to Kason who was patiently waiting while I embarked on this time consuming project of mine. They were his pants that I was working on and so I thought he will love them so much more if I try them on so he can start to see my wonderful creation! So I stepped my foot in the first hole... and then the second... and I had totally sewn them backwards. So the pant legs were only like 6 inches long and the part where your waist would go was the entire length of the pant legs... it was like a giant MU MU! My mom and Kason were dying laughing. So I thought okay, no big deal, we can just use the steam ripper and start over. THEN WE REMEMBERED WE STITCHED THE ENTIRE THING TWICE TO MAKE IT MORE STURDY! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
So we took a break and decided we definitely needed my grandma's help! That next night was our Beaumont Family Christmas Party and so we took them there so she could help us, of course they had to be on display for the whole party so people could laugh at them, but I couldn't blame them, it was ridiculously funny! I am so grateful for my grandma and my mom who helped me so much to feel so accomplished. Kason and I enjoyed our pajamas and I know they meant a lot to him because I put so much time into making them so special! For next year's pajamas, I think I will just start in March to avoid any stress! :) ha ha ha

Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

I have been so excited in preparing for Christmas! I love this time of year and it was my first year being able to decorate my own house. I of course started the Holiday Season by ordering all our favorite Christmas movies to add our collection. Kason and I had such a good time watching them together! Well probably more so me than him, but he survived! There is something about a good Christmas movie that just makes you feel so Christmasy and reminds you of being a kid again!
I loved the way our decorations turned out. I have been saving a lot of Christmas decorations throughout the year and I think my investment totally paid off! We had an exceptionally cute house and it hardly cost us anything because I have just been buying things here and there for the past 5 years. I am a weirdo, I know. Our tree however, was new! We did a lot of shopping to find the one we loved and I wasn't sure about this one at first, but it was SO BEAUTIFUL and SO PERFECT! I was worried our small little house would be overwhelmed with a big tree, but this one I think fit great and looked just how I wanted it too! We also were nervous because we were getting our new couch (seen below) which we LOVE and so we didn't want the tree to be in the way when they delivered it. It all worked out perfect though! I decorated everything myself and I loved it! It felt so amazing I just wanted to be home every day with the Christmas lights on! Kason is such a good sport. I stayed up until 5am the night we bought the tree and I had our whole entire house decked out by the time Kason woke up! I am not looking forward to our house being slightly boring again after we have to put it all away!
Kason did such a great job putting up our Christmas lights. It was so fun putting them up because we both knew exactly what kind we wanted to buy! We love the old fashioned light look and it reminds me of how my dad does them at home! Needless to say we had the cutest town home on the whole block! We are officially ready for Santa to come!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Day

Halloween was on Wednesday this year and so our school decided to have that be the day we dressed up and had our parties. It was pretty crazy because that meant our kids were in their costumes for a FULL DAY of school... for THREE recesses... and for A MILLION BATHROOM BREAKS... ha ha ha We had so much fun at our party though! Then that night I was so excited to be the treater for all the children who might come to our home! I have never had the opportunity to do that before! I lined up our walkway with candles and lit our pumpkins and had a cute big tray of candy.. I was ready for them! Kason kept making fun of me because at like 5pm I started pacing the floor and checking out the window. He told me that I can't feel bad if no one stops by. I told him to prepare for that because if it happened, I would CRY! ha ha ha. We had maybe like 10 children.. total come. Which is fine I guess, I got bored around 8 and locked up shop anyways. If you haven't come by then, you're probably a weirdo and I don't want you coming anyways! :) It was definitely a Happy Halloween at the Prisbrey's!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Valley of Fire Halloween 2012

This year we were so excited to go camping to the Valley of Fire with the Beaumont family the weekend before Halloween. This is our second time camping as a married couple and so we were excited to set up our little tent and gear again! We left on Friday after work and hurried down there as fast as we could! The weather was perfect! It was a little chilly, but for the most part, it was beautiful during the day! We have so much fun down there! This is Kason's second year going to our Halloween Camping Trip and so I didn't have to worry about him thinking we were all crazy.. he already knew! We got there around dusk and ate dinner. We had yummy enchiladas and frozen drinks. We truly live the life down there when we all get together! Then Kas and I set up our tent and things. He is so smart and so good at stuff like that and so it always goes so smoothly and looks so great! I am so spoiled!
Saturday morning we woke up and had a yummy breakfast that my mom made. We helped her with that and then we just all hung out. That day we made cute Halloween crafts and carved our pumpkins. Our pumpkin was the best! :) My husband is so sweet and crafty! That night we all got dressed up in our costumes... That is by far my favorite part! Everyone is such a good sport and they come up with some of the funniest things! These are some that I can remember:
Uncle Russell- An LDS Missionary
Bryan and Julie and Family- Hillbillies...EXTREME HILLBILLIES!
Grandma- Witch
Uncle Casey- Rambo
Kasen- Road for Cars
Mom- Mrs. Turnblad from Hairspray (the mom)
Natilyn- Tracy Turnblad from Hairspray
Kason and Nakelle- M & M's
After we got dressed up we ate dinner and then trick-or-treated around the campground and just laughed around the campfire.
Sunday morning we woke up and had breakfast and then we packed up and headed home. We can't wait for Easter!!

These are our cute Halloween costumes I made.. I guess you might be offended, so beware! We had so much fun in them! I thought Kason would hate them for sure. It is much easier to ask for FORGIVENESS than PERMISSION! So I just made them, showed them to him, begged him to wear them, cried a few tears, and BAM! SUCCESS!