Thursday, April 12, 2012


I feel like I only blog about events and wonderful exciting things.. I can't believe we are down to two more days!! WHERE DID THE TIME GO? I thought the last few months of our lives would crawl by! I remember in August when I knew I was going to marry Kason, but didn't know how or when, I remember we would talk about it and it just seemed like such a far away wish. Now look at us, we finally made it! Everything is looking so wonderful and coming together. The only thing that is going to get me down this week is the STINKING WEATHER! Please if you love me, if you have ever loved me, or if you even just like me a little, geez I don't even care if you hate me... PLEASE JUST PRAY THIS UGLY STORM LEAVES US! It is supposed to rain all day on Saturday and the high is going to be 57 ha ha ha YUCK! Oh well, I am too excited to be upset or sad. It will be wonderful either way I am sure.. but it will be more beautiful without rain ha ha ha. My mom and dad have worked so hard to make sure this night is perfect. I think that is what will make me the most sad if the weather ruins it. I don't think they will even begin to understand how much it means to me. They have made it more beautiful than I could ever have dreamed up or imagined. I am so blessed and so grateful. I love all the little details, those are the ones that mean the most to me. I will never be able to show my gratitude or appreciation enough to ever suffice for the love and service and money they have and are still putting into making this day so special for Kason and I. THANK-YOU SO MUCH MOM AND DAD! I LOVE YOU!!
On Saturday night Kas and I will stay in a hotel Kelli and Kelton bought for us in Las Vegas. Then on Sunday morning we are off to California! We are so excited! We have to get packing. It is so funny, you get so tied up in the wedding that I kinda forgot we would have to be ready for a honeymoon before Saturday ha ha ha. We did a little shopping this week and found some swim suits and beach towels. We can't wait! We are staying in a resort with a secluded beach. I can't believe that amidst all this stress and to-do lists, SO much fun awaits us in the next coming days! Ahh.. I can't wait!

I Love To See The Temple...

On Tuesday, April 10th, 2012 I finally got to do something that I have honestly waited my whole life to be able to do. I got to go to the Temple and take out my endowments! I can't explain the emotion and excitement that I was feeling all day as I looked forward to the evening. I taught school all day and then I was supposed to have a meeting after school until 4:15. The parent oddly didn't show up and so I got to leave early. I went home and showered and took my time getting ready which was so wonderful to not feel rushed. I was so nervous. I was worried I was going to get there and have them tell me I couldn't go in because I had forgotten something important. I made Kas check my bag like 8 times just to make me feel better ha ha ha. He came and picked me up which was so special. I had missed him all day and hadn't seen him until then. He is so sweet and makes me feel so wonderful. He was so sincere and so excited to get to take me to the Temple with him that night. It meant so much to him that we got to share that special experience together; and it meant even more to me! Our session wasn't until 7:20pm Utah time, but him, I, and my mom had to be there at 5:50. I was so nervous walking in I don't think I said anything to anyone. I held my hands together and just walked so slowly as I took in every detail. It was so peaceful in there and the beauty and wonder that is beheld inside that building is so glorious and literally cannot be conveyed though my words. It was wonderful and so special. I couldn't take my eyes of Kason and felt so at peace knowing he was there to hold my hand so tightly. It was so perfect to have all of our family and loved ones there. My mom was my escort and she made me feel so comforted the whole time. I loved sharing that special experience with her. I remember when they took us from the waiting room to be joined with all our family and loved ones the second I turned the corner I just felt overwhelmed with so much love and peace. The first person I saw was my dad and his sweet twinkle in his eye as he winked at me and I sat next to him. It is so beautiful to feel so many people who are there to love and support you. The night was wonderful. I didn't feel self-conscious at all like I thought I would. I feel like I just keep saying how perfect it was, but it truly was just that. These are the people that were there to make us feel so wonderful and special. Thank- you so much for being there and reminding me of how loved and blessed I am.
My mom and dad, Kelli and Kelton, Grandma Beaumont, Grandma Faught, Uncle Slade, Uncle Bryan and Aunt Julie, Uncle Andy and Aunt Kasandra, Kaitlyn, Kason's Aunt Kathy, Randy and Marie Hanson, Kara Taylor, Taleesa Faylor, Bob and Jocelyn Bunker. I hope I didn't forget anyone :)
After the temple Kas and I went and got Cafe Rio and at it at home. He is so sweet and so perfect. It felt so nice to be alone with him and to soak in everything that had happened. I cannot wait for Saturday to go back! We have even planned a date for next Friday after our honeymoon so we can go back together. He is such a great example. I have felt so wonderful everyday since then. It is crazy how much peace and comfort and love that has been brought into my days. We are so blessed to have a Father in Heaven who loves us so much to offer unto us these beautiful feelings and promises each day of our lives!

Easter and Valley of Fire 2012

Every year for Halloween and Easter my entire family on my mom's side goes to the Valley of Fire. It is so much fun and always so warm and relaxing! We have the best time and always laugh so hard! The last two times we have gone Kason has been with me and it has been so wonderful. I love doing things with him and can't wait to start more fun adventures with him always by my side. We always just sit and eat and relax but I literally love it. On Saturday, we have a big Easter egg hunt for the adults and the kids. My grandma and Ned put so much work and effort into making it so special, we are all so appreciative! This year I thought I would psych everyone out, you know beat em' mentally... so I stole a bunch of empty eggs from the kid bucket and so then when everyone passed me and took a double take at my bag it made me feel tough. Childish I know... Anyway, it was fun to have Josh there. He brought Chianne and we played card games. We woke up on Easter morning to the Easter Bunny stepping all over us. He left us all little bags with goodies, even for Kas, it was wonderful! We can't believe that this is the last weekend before the wedding! How crazy! It was all we could think about, we are getting so excited!!

Groomals and Bridals!

We took our bridals on Saturday, March 17th. We were supposed to take them a week later, and our photographer wanted to move them up, so we decided to do them on Sunday, the 18th.. I know.. I was cursed in the first place because I said we would do them on Sunday. So earlier that week we looked at the weather and it was supposed to be an awful weather weekend! So Saturday we woke up and you could tell the weather was going to be SO nasty! So we rented our tuxes, and picked up the flowers and threw everything together just in case! Andi called us at 1 and I was at her house, dress and hair and all by 2:20! ha ha ha I can assure you.. that will NEVER happen again :) The wind was so terrible, but we managed to get some amazing pictures! My mom and dad were so helpful and so wonderful to come up and help out. They dropped everything and stood in the cold weather for four hours making sure everything was just perfect for us. My mom made my bouquet. She is so talented it kills me! It is so beautiful and it literally took my breath away every time I looked at it! Here are some of the goods!