Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Prisbrey Home

We love being married and love living together in our beautiful home! It is still a work in progress and I would love to take the time this summer and get more creative with our decor but for now here is our humble abode and where the sweet Prisbrey spirit presides! We feel so blessed to be so fortunate and have such a beautiful home at this point in our lives! We don't even have any neighbors yet! Kason has been such the handy man and has already helped make our home so great! He always fixes all my mishaps, luckily for me he still finds them cute! I'm like the epitome of that Brad Paisley song, "Little Moments" ha ha ha
1. Plugged the oil air freshener in upside down and it stripped the paint completely off everything below it.
2. Melted a plastic lid to the dishwasher heater coil so we couldn't open the drawer.
3. Sprayed air febreeze all over the house and now the baseboards and walls all have to be scrubbed because I didn't realize the damage.
4. Spilled hot melted butter all over his favorite South Dakota t-shirt and then soaked it, now there are more oil stains than clean spots.
5. Used a 2 cup measuring container for an entire meal one night. Everything called for 2 cups of water. The jello, the rice, the pasta... So I of course filled the container up TWICE for each item! Meaning there was double water in everything...needless to say we ate something else that night!

More to come...I am sure!

Here are the parts I haven't managed to mess up though:

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Wife of His Dreams...Check!

So I decided that instead of having a panic attack every night over dinner, and instead of buying stock in the cold cereal industry...I would create a monthly menu! I asked Kas a bunch of things he would like to have for dinner and then typed them up. I color coded the meals by category (Breakfast, Italian, Mexican, etc.) so that way we aren't eating a lot of the same kinds of food too many days in a row. I then laminated everything and put small magnets on the back so it would adhere to the fridge. I created just a blank month template on clear material and that stays on the fridge with the days of the week. I made a magnet for each month, and enough options that we don't have to eat the same things for over 2 months if we wanted to!
Here it is! It seems to work really well and it's fun to let Kas set up what he wants to eat. Then I write down all the groceries I need to make the meals and we have actually been shopping for the entire month (minus veggies, and small necessities) it has saved us a lot of time and money! I can get things ready the night before so it's never frozen or too time consuming.

I also made us a bill schedule, cleaning schedule, and fun scripture reward timeline to help us stay organized here in the Prisbrey home!

My last creation is a Family Home Evening Binder! I've been really good about making sure we are forming good habits and this binder has been so helpful for me! I read an article. Y David A. Bednar about becoming more diligent and concerned in the home and it was a perfect foundation for our FHE binder. I made a topic page where you can find any topic or title for our lessons in abc order. Each topic is separated by color and then the lessons are found within that topic. Each lessons says the title and Prisbrey FHE so they never get lost or stolen ha ha ha (I would so steal this) then I have been finding conference talks, or cute handout pages that all go inside one page protector with the lesson. It is great for the two of us, and when it is finished and we have children I know it will be such a blessing!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Honeymoon Lovers!

Saturday, April 14, 2012:
We left for Las Vegas at like 10:30pm after our reception. We used our fancy GSP system that we borrowed from my dad to find our first stop: Henderson, Nevada- Wyndham Place Hotel. We got there just around midnight and the man noticed the veil thing in my hair and we told him it was our wedding night do they upgraded our room to a suite! We were so excited! The room was so big and so fabulous! We has literally been craving it the whole night, the entire drive to Vegas and could barely even stand when he was checking us in! So yes, you guessed it! ...We flung open the door, threw our baggage on the floor, couldn't get our socks and shoes off soon enough....and soaked our feet in the tub! Ha ha ha I had ya going didn't I ya sickos! Our feet hurt so bad from being so cold and wet and standing on hard cement pavers all night! So I wheeled in the rolley chair from the desk and we soaked our feet in hot hot water for almost an hour! Yes! This is what married life is about ha ha ha! Then we um. Went to bed! We had a long day ahead of us the next day!

Sunday, April 15, 2012:
We woke up this morning and I think Kas wanted to sleep in, but luckily for him he learned quickly that I'm impossible to sleep in with. I am the worlds biggest fan of continental breakfast! Yes, silly I know. I literally crave it, and love it! So we woke up early and went and ate breakfast. It was so nice and it felt still so wonderful to know we were newlyweds! We went back to our room and relaxed for a little bit. It was nice to just be so lazy! We left the hotel around 10 and headed on the road to Cali. Kas and I have so much fun together and so we laughed the whole way! We made lots of stops thanks to my lovely small bladder! We arrived in Oxnard around 3:30 and we were so excited!! We could see the ocean and feel the air and our hotel was amazing! The checked us in and also heard it was our honeymoon and they upgraded our room again! We have been so lucky! We literally got the BEST room in the entire resort. Our room was fabulous! Our balcony was perfectly facing the beach and ocean! We could hear the waves crashing from our windows and it was breathtaking! We took a few pictures and headed down to the beach. We were on the 2nd floor which was so perfect! The sand was right out the back doors! We spent some time on the beach and watched the sunset. It was so pretty! We couldn't believe how much we loved it! We went swimming down in the pool which was so warm and nice. Then we showered (separately of course...) and tried to find some dinner. That was the hard part. We couldn't find the book with restaurants in it and places were closing because it was late. We decided to order food from the restaurant at the resort which was expensive..and gross ha ha ha so we ate PB and J's (so glad we brought snacks and a cooler). Then we listened to the ocean and slept with our doors and windows open! It was so cool and refreshing! I fell asleep WAY before kas did ha ha ha oops! Some honeymooner I am!

Monday, April 16, 2012:

Today we woke up to watch the sunrise and hear the waves crashing! It was do perfect! We saw dolphins swimming across the water in the sunrise and it was amazing! We went down and ate the resort breakfast bar and it was so nice and yummy! Then we were kinda lazy all day. I think we were mentally and physically exhausted from life, and being engaged (not sleeping), and dun dun planning! So it was so perfect to lay in our down feather bed and hear and feel the ocean! We went down and swam a little later and then went downtown and explored. We ate lunch and got smoothies and went to the sail boat dock. It was amazing to look at all the big tall boats! We had so much fun! We went back to the hotel and took the longest nap ever! Then we showered (still separately...) and we decided to use the GPS to help us find dinner. We went to olive garden and it was so yummy! It was another perfect day in Oxnard! We love it here and are sad we have to go home tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 16, 2012:
Today we woke up to a foggy, crazy day! We couldn't even see the ocean or anything out our window! It was nuts! We ate breakfast and got dressed in our swim suits and decided we wanted to go down on the beach since it seemed so mysterious! It was so fun! This was maybe the most fun we had had all week! We played in the water and skipped rocks and chased waves and collected sea shells. It was beautiful! We couldn't see our hotel and it wasn't even 100 yards behind us! The water was super calm because of the weather and it was just so crazy! We held hands and laughed and were so in love! We are so happy and can't believe this is only day 4 of our new life! We couldn't be more excited! We actually thought we would be super bummed to go home but we still had so much new awaiting us. New home together, new presents, new routines. We were excited! So we packed up and headed out! We stopped and got smoothies again and had so much fun on the way home! We were going to stop in Bunkerville on the way home but our parents surprised us and took all of our gifts to our house! So we drove to our new home! I know it isn't new to me, but it is new to US! We had so many gifts we couldn't even move! They were in our living room and all in the kitchen! We are so blessed ! We opened them all that 2am ha ha ha and I had to be to school at 6 but it was so worth it! So many people love us so much and we love all of the gifts and thoughtful crafts and signs and gift cards! We might own part of the Target franchise we have so many gift cards! It was the perfect ending to such a perfect wedding and honeymoon! It far exceeded any of my dreams and wishes! I am so lucky and blessed and SO in love!