Friday, June 29, 2012

St. George Weddings Magazine

Here is the article! It was posted this morning. I have been checking it every day and today it was the first thing that popped up! I realize it's not that big of a deal, but to me it is! It shows so many people how perfect our day was, how handsome my groom is, and how beautiful the hard work that went into it was!
Things worth mentioning:
Natalie Anderson made our cake! There are no words to describe how perfect it was!
Andi Watkins took our pictures that we love so much!
My mom had so much help with the desserts and set up that night. Bob and Jocelyn Bunker, Shaquel Cannon, Teddi Grajeck, Laurie Andrus and whoever else I didn't get to see or thank! Thank-you!
Jocelyn videoed the whole day for us! (well minus the father's toasts..ha ha but were slowly forgiving her)
My Uncle Slade and Bob were there way before it started and way after it ended and helped my dad so much!
Kason's family did so much too! Kelli and Kathy made lots of cookies that were out that night!
My Grandma VeeAnn saved the day getting all the things we forgot at literally the last seconds!
My Grandpa Jack let us borrow his fabulous old car which made for some great pictures!
Natilyn and Josh were so sweet to give so much time and effort to making everything so perfect.
And again, my mom and dad.. They created this entire fairy tale evening!
Thank you to everyone! It meant so much!

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Hansen Family Reunion

This was our very first family reunion together as a married couple! It was a lot of fun! It was for Kason's side of the family. It was his grandma Pope's side, The Hansen's. It was at the Church's Camp up on Heber Mountain. It was amazing up there! We left on Friday and just took our time getting up there. We made a stop in Heber on the side of the road and there were two Peterbilts parked there so I didn't even think anything of it. Then Kas told me that this was where he parked in his truck when he was driving and we were up late just texting as friends and he finally broke down and told me how much he loved me, and had loved me and it killed him just being my friend. My heart melted! He is so perfect! I remember that night so perfectly! July 27th, 2011, it was like 2 in the morning and we both had to be up early. He said he woke up early that morning and we were both so tired but he got on the road and couldn't stop smiling. I know it sounds so dumb but I feel like our whole lives changed that night as I told him how I felt too. Now we were sitting there together MARRIED!
We arrived in Heber and went to the campground to help set everything up. We then went to a Mexican restaurant with his family and then back to the hotel. We had to be up early Saturday. That morning we woke up at like 6:30.. yuck! Then we ate continental breakfast (all you dedicated blog readers of mine, know that is my FAV!) We then went to the reunion. It was fun to meet people who couldn't make it to the wedding and to see faces I remembered. Everyone was so nice and sweet and his family is so fun. Kelli and her sisters did a really good job putting it all together. We left around 4:30 and went back to the hotel to take a quick nap. I was kinda nauseas all weekend so it was nice to just kinda sit. I felt like I was being such a bum, but I couldn't get my body to feel better. We went to the Alpine slides that night because I am not sure if I mentioned this but our hotel was in Park City. The slides were so fun and all of his aunts and cousins were there. We then went to dinner with Kelt, Kelli, Kiley, Had, and Grayson. It was yummy! We were all exhausted afterwords! We finally got back to the hotel around 11. Kas and I decided we wanted to get a late check out. So we didn't have to be out of the hotel by NOON! Yes please! We went to bed and I woke up around 9:45 and went down and got us breakfast while he stayed in bed. It is like getting points for breakfast in bed.. and I didn't have to make it! ha ha ha. We then got ready and packed up. We got on the freeway and Kas used to drive this road all the time in his big rig. He was telling me how he used to drive straight to Wyoming though, instead of heading back to Heber. So I said, well let's go to Wyoming! He thought I was kidding... but we kept driving! Just because! We stopped at the sign and took a picture and then stopped in Evanston. We drove around and then stopped at the Boot Barn. We spent like 2 hours in there and way too much money! Kas got a sexy cowboy hat and I got a new pair of boots! We went to lunch and then headed back to Utah. We felt so adventurous! We drove on all the back roads home and stopped in Fillmore at his old Haystacks. That was pretty, then we drove on through Minersville and caught a beautiful sunset. Then we came out in Cedar and ate Ihop. We finally made it home around 11pm. It was all so worth it though! We both said that we had some of our best laughs on this trip! We are still so in love and SO happy!

Wedding and Reception Pictures...Finally!

Well we finally received our wedding pictures last Thursday. This was the first we had seen of our beautiful day and we love the way they turned out! We have over 1000 pictures just from the wedding alone from our photographer and we are so glad all of our special moments were captured! The temple pictures aren't as bad as I thought they would be. I was super bummed because my hair was wet and gross that day so I wasn't in any mood to even take pictures because I knew I would probably hate them. Luckily they are far enough back that you can't tell. For those of you who can.. give me a break it was RAINING! The reception pictures are BEAUTIFUL! Holy wow! That night was even prettier than I remembered! There were so many things that I didn't even see or recognize because we were in our line the whole time! I love looking at them and love that I am so happy with them!