Monday, July 30, 2012

Mr. Red Green!

When we heard that the Red-Green Show was going to be in St. George we couldn't believe it! I immediately got online and bought us tickets! We were so excited and it made me even more exited because Kas was so cute and giddy about it! We enjoyed the show and the we got his autograph after and a cute picture of the two handsome men! It was funny because I told Red that Kason wasn't even this smiley in our wedding pictures and he seemed to think that was pretty funny!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Oxnard... Honeymoonin' Round Two!

My baby is sooo good to me! One day we were working together and he decided to surprise me and tell me that he wanted to take me back to Cali because it was my last week of summer! I was so excited and so we called and got everything all planned last minute! We called every night for a week requesting the same room that we had for our honeymoon. We loved that room and it was the most amazing view in the whole hotel! We were so lucky to get it again! We sure do love Oxnard and I love that it is so special to us because we were just there for a few short days on our Honeymoon in April. It was just as perfect as we had remembered it! We spent a lot of time just being bums and enjoying each other. We love being so close to the beach it is so peaceful and it feels so wonderful to sleep with the doors and windows open. We woke up each morning to dolphins which make our balcony so fun! We found our new favorite pizza restaurant as well, Toppers! It is so delicious! We crave it almost everyday now! My Pictures are kind of all out of order, we love to go visit the harbor, that is where all of the beautiful boats are. That is also where Toppers is and so it is super fun to eat inside their building. This trip we went down to Ventura which is only a few miles away. We ate a fun little pirate themed restaurant and we had the most yummy BBQ and soup! That night we ate ice cream and watched the pretty sunset on the beach. It was pretty chilly so we decided to wait it out in our car. I know I already mentioned how good Kas is to me, but this is the cherry on top! On the way home we decided to stop at a big huge outlet mall in Camarillo. There were hundreds of stores! It was so big that some of the stores were even duplicates! Weird! Anyway, Kas was so patient as I went into all the girly stores. He held all my clothes for me and even picked out my jewlery! He is the best! After we shopped for a bit we decided it would be so fun to see the new Batman movie. There was an Imax Theater right in the mall. That was so fun and such a good movie! It was almost 6:00 when we decided to finally head back to Utah. It was a late night driving but we had so much fun! We can't wait to go back!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Our First Camping Trip!

We were so excited to go on our very first camping trip together. We have been camping before, but we always stayed in my mom and dad's 5th wheel. This time.. we were going in style.. we were going the right way... we were going IN A TENT! I surprisingly was super excited. I can sleep in a tent. I can even get ready in a tent. I am not as high maintenance as you are all thinking. We left on Friday after work and couldn't wait to get up the mountain. We were staying in a meadow just a few miles shy of Panguitch Lake. We go every year and I was so excited to add Kason to our Beaumont Family Tradition. The whole night before I had been so excited setting up to go. I labeled everything and packed it all away so perfectly. We were super excited to set up our new tent that we had bought too! We got up the mountain and it was nasty outside! We knew it was going to be a WET weekend! It rained and there was so much lightning and thunder! It was so beautiful though and so nice to get out of the hot summer sun! We set up our tent and everything was so neat and tidy. It was perfect! We had yummy dutch oven chicken and potatoes that my family made and enjoyed the rest of the night together. We loved sleeping in our tent the first night. It was pretty wet outside and cold and so it kinda made our blankets and pillows pretty damp, but other than that it was so fun! We woke up and brushed our teeth with water bottles, buried our toilet paper in the bushes, and got ready with a compact mirror... and you guys thought I couldn't do this! That Saturday we had fun riding the fourwheeler and just relaxing in the hammock. We watched movies outside my parent's trailer and just enjoyed the rainy weather. It was a beautiful day! That night we had navajo tacos for dinner. Kason has been introducing me to his love hate relationship with navajo tacos for a while now. He used to have them too often on his mission when he would serve on the reservations and so now they kinda just make him sick every time. We had talked about it all day and night and we all felt bad that he had to eat them for dinner. It was so funny because he wasn't the one sick all night! It was ME! I was miserable! It was awful and I knew I couldn't survive it being in a tent! Ha! So I meekly knocked on my parent's door and they woke up and answered. Little did I know that my cute wonderful husband was waiting in his garment bottoms and cowboy boots FREEZING outside the door for me for a LONG time! I eventually made it out okay and enjoyed the rest of the night, but poor Kas couldn't get warm for the rest of the night! Ha!
Sunday morning we woke up and had breakfast. Then we all packed up to come home. When we got into town we cleaned up our camping equipment and decided it would be easiest if we sprayed off our tent at his parent's house on their grass. So we set it up and laid out our tarp... When it dryed we packed it up and noticed that we had killed the grass completely where our stuff had been! In the perfect shape of square tarps and tents! OOPS! We felt super bad.. Sorry Kelt!
We decided that we love camping and we can't wait to spend the rest of our lives doing more of it!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Gunlock Rodeo

This was my first year going to the Gunlock rodeo with my handsome cowboy! We went all three nights and it was so much fun to get all cowboy'd up with Kas and enjoy the cool summer air as we watched the rodeo! We took his Grandpa Pope on Friday night and it was so fun to get him out of the house and spend some time with him! We could tell he had so much fun! We sure do love and appreciate the wonderful man that he is!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Red, White, and Blue!

 This year we had so much fun celebrating our Independence Day as Mr. and Mrs. Prisbrey! We hung out all day just Kas and I and then around 3:00 or so we decided to head down to Bunkerville. We helped my mom get everything ready and just waited for all of the family to show up. We invited Kelton and Kelli and it made the night so fun! We set up a croquet set that my mom bought and it was so fun playing with Josh, Chianne, Kelton, Kas, and I. Everyone swam and we tried to keep the wind from blowing us away. My uncle Slade and uncle Bryan made us some yummy homemade ice cream and it was so yummy! We finished off the night with some amazing fireworks. With of course our little pyros putting on the show. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful family!