Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy Harvest!

Fall is officially here! I was so excited to get out my decorations! For so many years people made fun of me because I would always buy cute decorations....and I had NO WHERE to put them but in storage! This however, is my first year having a house during the holiday season! On Sunday, Kason decided he wanted to make dinner.. which was so sweet of him! It was so yummy too! Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, and Corn. He is so wonderful! While he was working so hard in the kitchen, I decided I would clean up and put out our Fall/Halloween decorations. I think he was baffled when he saw how much I kept bringing down the stairs! BUT I was so excited that our house is so stinkin' cute and decorated.. and we didn't have to spend a PENNY because I had just been collecting over the years! I lit a pumpkin ginger candle and it smells so yummy! The both of us were going crazy because it put us both in the mood.....for Fall! :) Here are just a few pictures I took. I have a few more that I need to put up, and I have stuff for our outside area that I need to get arranged and put together! I have been begging Kason to get me a mantle for our living room, above where our TV is. I think it would be so pretty in our house because we have thick white crown molding and baseboards throughout the house. So hopefully we get that going in the next few weeks so our holiday decor can be even more homey and festive! Here is a sneak peak though! We are so excited for sweaters, hot chocolate, cold weather, family time, and sharing these fun new memories together for our first year!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Brigham City and Lagoon!

We were so sad to hear about my Aunt Kimmie Rae who passed away on September 17, 2012. She was my Aunt Jean and Uncle Raynor's daughter. We decided to go with my dad, mom and Natilyn up to Brigham City to her funeral. We love Brigham City! I remember as a little girl we would go stay up there every summer with my Aunt Jean and Uncle Raynor. We left on Thursday right as we got out of school. We had kind of a rough morning! We stayed up late packing and then forgot to set Kason's alarm and we woke up at 7:30! Kason is supposed to leave for work around 6:35! We were super stressed! I hadn't washed my hair all week and so I had no choice but to shower and wash it! I got up and got Kason a lunch made and him out the door and then I ran to shower. I was just getting out of the shower when I usually am leaving the garage to go to work! I got dressed and brushed my wet hair in the car! I was a mess. I was super stressed because I had a million things to do before we left that day. My family was waiting for us to get off work anyways and so we had to be ready like the second we both got home! Luckily, my aide is amazing and she let me leave during lunch to go put our clothes in the dryer and finish getting ready. We left right at 3:45 and headed on the road. We had such a fun drive and listened to my crazy family.. poor Kason.. he probably had no idea our family was so ridiculous! That night we drove all the way to Brigham City and stayed in our hotel where my Grandma, Ned, Kasen, Aunt Diann, and Unlce Bryan were. I love being on vacation with Kason. We have so much fun together! The next morning we had to be up and out of the hotel by 9. The funeral was in Bear River City which was a few miles away. It was fun to see all the family that I hadn't seen in so many years. The viewing was so sad but the funeral was a little more upbeat. I am so grateful for the plan of happiness that our Father in Heaven has created for us. It was funny, during the funeral Kason thought he knew one of my cousin's wife. I thought he was just being a crazy man, but when we were walking out behind the casket she punched him on the arm and gave him a friendly smile...I think everyone thought this lady he didn't even know was majorly flirting with him. She is from St. George though and they went to high school together. Small world huh! We stayed and enjoyed everyone at the luncheon and then went back to our hotel to take a nap. We were so excited we were going to eat at Maddox Steak House that night. This is so funny but that was ironically where Kason and I had our first date. We were up here last summer and we snuck away from our other friends and him and I went out. It was so sweet and I remember that night so perfectly. I knew I wanted to be with him forever and now we are! We went to dinner and I forgot how amazingly good it is! We unfortunately were all a little too full from the luncheon so we didn't enjoy it like we should have!
The next day we decided we would go to Lagoon. We had so much fun and I was so excited to be there with Kason. It was so weird though, I have never, ever, been sick at an amusement park..and I was so sick all day! I felt like such a bum! We did have so much fun together though! I wish we would have taken some pictures! We decided to come all the way home that night so that we could relax on Sunday. We were so lucky to be able to take this little trip and get away! We had so much fun!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Birthday and Rodeo Fun!

We have been so excited for this week for such a long time! IT IS RODEO WEEK! We love the St. George Dixie Round Up and it is so funny because both Kason and I have been going since we were little kids. We could have been sitting next to each other and not even have known it. This is also a fun week because my birthday is on Friday, the 14th. On Wednesday we decided to go and check out the cattle that had arrived at the Sunbowl. Apparently Kas does this every year. He told me that when he was little he would purposely fake sick on the Wednesday before the rodeo because he knew his mom couldn't pick him up and so he would have to be sick at his Grandpa Pope's house...who lives right by the Sunbowl. He is a gem I tell ya! So him and his grandpa would sneak over and see all the cattle and livestock waiting to be used in the rodeo. Thursday night was the first night of the rodeo and so we got all dressed up. I love wearing my rodeo clothes, and I LOVE LOVE seeing Kas in his. He is so sexy when he wears his cowboy hat! We sat in the seats that his family gets every year and it was fun to be with them all weekend. Friday was my birthday! I love birthdays and I think they should always be over done and over celebrated! I got so spoiled at school. My kids were so sweet to think of me on my special day. They gave me some of the cutest and most wonderful gifts. THEN THESE BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS CAME! I literally think my heart stopped. Kason is so perfect! THEY ARE AMAZING! I cannot express how much they took my breath away! I have never in my life seen such perfect and pretty flowers! He sent me flowers last year on my birthday and we had just started dating. The flower place messed up on his card and wrote that it was from "anonymous lovers".. yes.. like plural. Which was so funny because all day I was like who the heck are these from! I didn't think Kason really because it made it sound like it was from more than one person. So I remember we laughed about it last year because he was so bummed they had messed up his cute card! So this year when he called the same flower place, he made sure the card said: from "ANONYMOUS LOVERS" ... I know it sounds silly but he is so perfect! Isn't that so sweet that he would remember and think to do that? I truly don't know why I am so lucky!
I got to leave school early on Friday and go home and get ready for the rodeo! I was so excited because my mom, dad, and Nat were going to come with us tonight. We decided we would go out to dinner with Kelt and Kelli as well and so we met at Olive Garden. It was so fun to be with every one, we always laugh and have so much fun! We headed to the rodeo and had the best time! I love being with my sweet family and I love being with his too. It was the most perfect birthday! Saturday we relaxed most of the day until it was time to go to the rodeo again. We were starting to get super bummed that our rodeo weekend was coming to an end and we would have to wait a whole year more! We had fun one last night at the rodeo. We got to see Kara which was so nice. We sure do miss seeing her and wish we saw her more often! More of Kason's family came with us to the rodeo on Saturday so it was a little squishy but super fun to have everyone there. We missed the McDonald family though. Kiley is going to have her cute new baby any day now and so she wasn't able to leave Las Vegas to come down for the weekend. It was one year ago that night that I had met her at the rodeo the previous year. I adore her and her sweet family so much and so we missed having them there with us! The rodeo ended and I thought I was going to have to drag Kas out. He is such a cute fella. We had the most wonderful rodeo weekend and we can't wait until next year!