Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Break

This year we had so much fun over Fall Break. I sure was excited to have a long break! It was definitely needed! I spent all of Thursday cleaning our house! It felt so nice! I deep cleaned everything! It was like brand new! It felt so good to be so accomplished. I went to CrossFit everyday and went grocery shopping even! Then I spent the day with Kiley and the kids before they went back to Vegas. Hadley and I made cute Halloween jello jigglers and they were so yummy! She thought they were pretty cool! Then I painted her nails all Halloween like. I sure do love that girl! She still calls me her best friend, except for now I am also Aunt Nakelle, and I think my heart still sinks every time she says it! :)  When Kelton got back in town from work we decided to all go to lunch. We went to the Pizza Factory and luckily Kason got to take a lunch so he ate super fast with us! I sure do love that man, he is such a wonderful, hard worker! That night our friend Kara Taylor was having some car troubles and so she decided to come and stay the night at our house. We love visitors! We don't get them very often and so when we do we are very excited! I love Kara and am so glad we are friends. She is a wonderful person and such a great example. It was fun to catch up with her and hang out.
Friday morning she went to get her car fixed but it was going to cost alot of moeny. So she bought the parts she needed and had my sweet husband fix it for her. After a long day at work he came home and spent 3 hours working on her car with Abe Doty. They are such good fellas! They have big strong muscley hands and were trying to reach in the tiniest places! They were so dirty! After we got the car fixed we all went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse. It was fun going with some company. Sometimes I think Kason and I have grown to be recluses! After dinner Kas and I decided we looked too good to just go home and so we went to a movie. We didn't really have any specific ones we were wanting to see and so we saw Taken 2. It was pretty good, we enjoyed it.
Saturday Morning, Josh and Chianne wanted to borrow our car to go to Salt Lake City to pick up a dog. Yucky.. But we let them. I told them the dog had to stay in the tote the WHOLE way home! ha ha ha they said they followed the rules but that night we still found dog crap all over our car! It's a good thing I love you Josh... We were pretty willing to exchange vehicles however, because he left us with his truck! His truck is so nice! Of couse Kas wanted to drive around and so we did and we noticed Josh had left his gun and bullets in there so we treated ourselves to a morning of target practice! I am already counting down the days until the next big break!!


Today was my sweet, wonderful, husband's birthday! We have had the most wonderful month of October building up to this day and so I can't believe it is finally here! This morning I woke up and made Kas his lunch and I was so sad that we both had to go to work and be apart. While I was at school I blew up a bunch of balloons and put them in bags so I could run them home during lunch and decorate our house. I also made him a cute sign to hang up too! If it would have been up to me I would have decorated the front yard, all the street lights to and from work, and then had a plane flying over head with a big long banner saying, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY KASON!" He thinks I am a crazy lady, but I just love birthdays! I think they are so special and I think everyone deserves to feel the most special they could possibly feel all day (week) (or month in my case) long! When I got home from school we of course went to Cal Ranch ha ha ha I told you that is what he would want to do! :) Then we went to dinner at Red Robin and had yummy german chocolate cupcakes at Kelton and Kelli's house. We had the most wonderful surprise! Kiley decided to come down just to spend the night with Kason and so we got to see new baby Ryland. He is ADORABLE! I got to hold him all night and couldn't get enough of him!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kason's Birthday Surprise!

I am so excited for this project that I have been working on for Kason! His birthday is this month, on October 17th. He will be the big 24 and so I wanted to make it special, after all this is his first birthday with a wife! I made this big book out of envelopes. I glued each of the envelopes together by the flap and so they all fold together to make this big long accordian style book. Each envelope has a Birthday Card in it. There are 17 days, and so each day in October he gets a fun surprise until his birthday! At the very top I wrote him a letter explaining how it all works. The theme for it all is love songs. That sounds super cheesy but I feel like we have a bunch of favorite love songs and so each day I glued our favorite lyrics and they are what makes up the card. He also gets a CD and so he can listen to the songs in order of days so when he reads the lyrics each day they mean more because the songs are fresh on his mind. I am so excited for all of the fun surprises I have saved up for him! What a wonderful birthday month it will be! I will post each day as they take place, that way the surprises aren't ruined for him! Stay posted!
(P.S. I took cute pictures of most of the days but some of them I didn't get a picture soon enough!)
The Book:

Day One:
Today is day one, so Kason gets to open everything. He gets to see the book and read the letter explaining what will happen. Day one's gift was the CD that he can listen to each day on the way to work with all of our favorite songs.

The Song Lyrics for today are:
Livin' Our Love Song by Jason Michael Carroll

Day Two:
Today Kason recieved an invitation to go on a picnic with his favorite dinner to a special spot and then have hot cocoa for dessert. Kason loves hot cocoa so he was so excited! Unfortunately, Kason stayed home sick from work today and so we ate our picnic and hot cocoa at home. Which was still so fun!

The Song Lyrics for today are:
You Had Me From Hello by Kenny Chesney

Day Three:
Today in Kason's #3 birthday card he found a gift card to Dairy Queen. It is almost riDQulous how much we love that place! Of course if any of you have seen us lately, you probably can tell! :)
The Song Lyrics for today are:
I Do by Paul Brandt

Day Four:
Today Kason received an invitation to go on a motorcycle ride. I feel like I don't volunteer to ride on it enough with him and so I wrote him a cute poem and told him that was today's gift!

The Song Lyrics for today are:
Ho Hey by The Lumineers

Day Five:
Today Kason recieved a gift card to the Megaplex Movie Theaters. We love to go to the movies and don't go often enough! I thought this would be fun to surprise him with so we could go. He has had a few movies on his list to see that have just come out and so we can't wait to go!
The Song Lyrics for today are:
You by Chris Young

Day Six:
The Song Lyrics for today are:
Give Into Me by Garrett Hedlund

Day Seven:
Today Kason received a ticket for a free back rub. I told him it would even last longer than 10 seconds. That is about how long my usual ones last... ha ha ha So this one was for 11 :) just kidding.. There was also a Reeses Candy Bar inside the envelope too, but obviously he got to it before I could even snap the picture!

The Song Lyrics for today are:
Then by Brad Paisley

Day Eight:
Today Kason got a Redbox and some popcorn so we could just enjoy a movie at home together and cuddle. That is probably our single most favorite thing to do and so I thought it would help ease our busy middle of the week to relax and enjoy each other.
The Song Lyrics for today are:
Old Love Feels New by Chris Young

Day Nine:

The Song Lyrics for today are:
All Your Life by The Band Perry

Day Ten:
Today Kason received a gift card for Panda Express. He loves to eat there and so I thought it would be fun to get him a gift card so we could go and use it. It was kind of funny, the night I bought this gift card I went and ran errands without him, when I got home he was hungry and he wanted to go eat, and of all the places he could choose he wanted to eat at Panda! I was nervous that if we went there the girl at the register (because I had just been there like 15 minutes before) would be like what the heck are you doing back here and give away my surprise! ha ha ha

The Song Lyrics for today are:
God Gave Me You by Blake Shelton

Day Eleven:

The Song Lyrics for today are:
Hold Onto Me by John Michael Montgomery

Day Twelve:
Today I was so excited to give Kason some movies that I ordered off Amazon. He has wanted to watch "Man From Snowy River, Return To Snowy River, and The Horse Whisperer" for the longest time! Yes, those are silly movies, and yes, they are my husbands favorites! I didn't think I would be able to keep it a secret because I am not good at keeping secrets from him! I waited so patiently for them to come to our door and on the day they did, he wasn't even surprised!! I was so bummed, I thought he would be shocked that I did that and remembered those were the movies... however, the little rascal saw an e-mail confirmation on my phone! Stupid Amazon.. Don't send e-mails with secret information! Anyway, we watched all of  them! They aren't as dumb as I thought they would be :) ha ha ha I even cried! (shocking right?)
The Song Lyrics for today are:
Look At You Girl by Chris Ledoux

Day Thirteen:
Today Kason received a gift card for Olive Garden. We LOVE the O.G. and I couldn't decide if this was more for him or for me! :) We are super excited to use this one!

The Song Lyrics for today are:
Woman Like You by Lee Brice

Day Fourteen:

The Song Lyrics for today are:
Carried Away by George Strait
(Today is our 6th Month Anniversary and this was our wedding song!)

Day Fifteen:
Today Kason found a cute little poem invitation to Krave in his envelope. We love Krave. That is where we met, where we went before we got engaged, and we hardly go there anymore. I thought this would be such a fun place to take him tonight!

The Song Lyrics for today are:
She Thinks She Needs Me by Andy Griggs

Day Sixteen:
Today Kason received something he will be so excited to use! His birthday is tomorrow, and St. George is having the grand opening of our new Cal Ranch store.. so of course.. for his birthday, of all things, that is what he wants to do! So I figured if we are going to go to the silly grand opening for YOUR BIRTHDAY, you might as well get something while we are there! I had the hardest time trying to get my hands on one of these cards! I had to beg one of the employees in the Cedar City Cal Ranch to mail one to my house! ha ha ha Hopefully we can find my handsome husband some well deserved new boots!

The Song Lyrics for today are:
Love Like Crazy by Lee Brice

Day Seventeen:
Today is finally the BIG DAY! Happy Birthday to my wonderful, amazing husband! He received a map in his final birthday envelope that he has to follow to find his last and greatest birthday present. Unfortunately, this one can't be shared :) bahahaha!

The Song Lyrics for today are: