Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Day

Halloween was on Wednesday this year and so our school decided to have that be the day we dressed up and had our parties. It was pretty crazy because that meant our kids were in their costumes for a FULL DAY of school... for THREE recesses... and for A MILLION BATHROOM BREAKS... ha ha ha We had so much fun at our party though! Then that night I was so excited to be the treater for all the children who might come to our home! I have never had the opportunity to do that before! I lined up our walkway with candles and lit our pumpkins and had a cute big tray of candy.. I was ready for them! Kason kept making fun of me because at like 5pm I started pacing the floor and checking out the window. He told me that I can't feel bad if no one stops by. I told him to prepare for that because if it happened, I would CRY! ha ha ha. We had maybe like 10 children.. total come. Which is fine I guess, I got bored around 8 and locked up shop anyways. If you haven't come by then, you're probably a weirdo and I don't want you coming anyways! :) It was definitely a Happy Halloween at the Prisbrey's!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Valley of Fire Halloween 2012

This year we were so excited to go camping to the Valley of Fire with the Beaumont family the weekend before Halloween. This is our second time camping as a married couple and so we were excited to set up our little tent and gear again! We left on Friday after work and hurried down there as fast as we could! The weather was perfect! It was a little chilly, but for the most part, it was beautiful during the day! We have so much fun down there! This is Kason's second year going to our Halloween Camping Trip and so I didn't have to worry about him thinking we were all crazy.. he already knew! We got there around dusk and ate dinner. We had yummy enchiladas and frozen drinks. We truly live the life down there when we all get together! Then Kas and I set up our tent and things. He is so smart and so good at stuff like that and so it always goes so smoothly and looks so great! I am so spoiled!
Saturday morning we woke up and had a yummy breakfast that my mom made. We helped her with that and then we just all hung out. That day we made cute Halloween crafts and carved our pumpkins. Our pumpkin was the best! :) My husband is so sweet and crafty! That night we all got dressed up in our costumes... That is by far my favorite part! Everyone is such a good sport and they come up with some of the funniest things! These are some that I can remember:
Uncle Russell- An LDS Missionary
Bryan and Julie and Family- Hillbillies...EXTREME HILLBILLIES!
Grandma- Witch
Uncle Casey- Rambo
Kasen- Road for Cars
Mom- Mrs. Turnblad from Hairspray (the mom)
Natilyn- Tracy Turnblad from Hairspray
Kason and Nakelle- M & M's
After we got dressed up we ate dinner and then trick-or-treated around the campground and just laughed around the campfire.
Sunday morning we woke up and had breakfast and then we packed up and headed home. We can't wait for Easter!!

These are our cute Halloween costumes I made.. I guess you might be offended, so beware! We had so much fun in them! I thought Kason would hate them for sure. It is much easier to ask for FORGIVENESS than PERMISSION! So I just made them, showed them to him, begged him to wear them, cried a few tears, and BAM! SUCCESS!