Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day: Made With Love

I have been so excited for our Valentine's day menu for weeks now! I have been thinking of a million special ways I could incorporate Valentine's day into Kason's lunch and breakfast and I thought of some cute ones! I started off the morning by cooking some heart shaped cut out toast with fried eggs inside. We had heart shaped bacon, heart shaped strawberries, heart shaped bananas, and our special fancy glasses with juice. I had cut out hearts with paper and made Kason a cute card (of course, very kindergarteny) I told him for the rest of his life all his cards will be made out of construction paper and glue ha ha ha. I had his lunch already made and so he had no idea that for lunch he was going to get even cuter heart shaped food! I made his sandwiches into hearts, heart shaped strawberries, heart shaped carrots, heart shaped bell peppers, heart shaped Reese's cups.... funny story.... I actually cut these out with cookie cutters and it was messy and they weren't cute.... and then on stinkin' Valentine's day at school one of my students gave me a package of HEART SHAPED REESE'S CUPS! Grr.. who knew they made them like that?! Kason thought it was funny because I put the extra cut outs into a baggie because I know how much he loves Reese's ha ha ha I didn't want to waste them. He couldn't believe I cut them out when I could have just bought them already in hearts! The things I do for you babe ha ha ha. I also wanted to give him a good laugh, so I used peanut butter to stick some teddy grahams together for a little bit of naughty entertainment! :) He didn't even notice, I had to text him and ask why he hadn't said anything... He thought I just randomly thought to put PB in a teddy graham sandwich...He thought that I was a pretty awesome wife after he figured it out!
We are super lame on Valentine's. I don't need a big fancy dinner, to be honest, we do that all the time! Last year we went to Taco Bell ha ha ha. If that doesn't scream MOST AWESOME WIFE EVER.... well... this year, we stooped even lower and got burritos from Maverick! (yes, the gas station) Did we have to wait in crazy lines? Did we have to get out of our sweat pants? Did we spend more than 10 bucks? No folks.. we didn't :) But are we so madly in love anyways? Why yes, yes we are!

Friday, February 8, 2013

These Boots Were Made For Lovin'

I couldn't help but post how sweet this picture was that my wonderful husband sent me from work today. He had to try on some work uniforms and so while in the dressing room he managed to sneak a quick picture of his boot, that from this angle is the shape of a heart. Mmmm.. He gets more and more perfect every day!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sweet Grandma Pope

Kason's sweet Grandma Pope has been pretty sick for a few months now. She had Alzheimer's and it has just started to get pretty bad. They moved her into a nursing home at the Beehive facility at the end of last year and the last few months has just been a constant battle. In December they gave her a blessing thinking that it might be her last few days here on Earth but Barbara showed us differently and gave us a few more months of here sweet special spirit here on Earth. On January 28th, she left here home here and went back to be with her loving Heavenly Father. I was so blessed to know her the short time that I did and even though she might not have fully understood I was Kason's wife, I hope she can look down from heaven now with a clear mind and see how much I love her wonderful grandson. She had such a special place in the hearts of her whole family and it was such a blessing to be apart of that the last few weeks as we shared time together for her funeral. She was buried on February 4th, 2013 and it was a beautiful day! We shared some tears and laughter and felt the love and comfort from people we knew, people we didn't, but most importantly our loving Heavenly Father. Kason's mom has been so important in the life of Barbara and has taken care of her everyday for as long as I have known her. It has been so neat to see her be so strong and I hope her heart heals quickly from this. We enjoyed spending time with Kiley and the kids. Kason let them hop on his motorcycle on one of the days they were here. Tuesday, after the funeral, Kason and I both took one more day off to spend together. We were pretty exhausted from all of the events that occurred the past week. It was nice to just be alone with him. He asked me if I wanted to go to the temple. I LOVE going to the temple with Kason. We try to go often and it makes us both feel so wonderful! I love the special spirit that we feel there and it was calming to go after such a crazy, emotional week. After words we went to the cemetery and visited Grandma Pope. We are so grateful for the plan of salvation and our loving families.