Sunday, March 31, 2013

Valley of Fire and Easter

I mentioned in my Week 10 post a few of the things we did for Easter. We of course went camping to the Valley of Fire on Friday and we were so excited! I wish we could have left earlier in the week but we will take all we can get! I love camping and setting up our tent with Kason. We have so much fun! We woke up on Saturday and had our Easter Egg hunt. This hunt was extra exciting because my brother Josh was planning on proposing to his girlfriend Chianne. The ring box was rigged as one of the prize boxes she would find in an egg. It was so exciting to watch and made me remember how fun it was to be engaged and the rush of excitement that comes over you! That afternoon we dyed Easter eggs and helped my mom and dad make the dutch oven dinners. It was really hot down there and my pregnant body was dying! I was glad my mom had her trailer for us to hang out in until it cooled off! Sunday we woke up and packed our stuff and got ready to head home. We hate to leave! We have so much fun with my family, they make us laugh the WHOLE time! My grandma does such a wonderful job putting everything together and she makes sure we all feel so loved and entertains us well! We unloaded our camping gear, showered, and then headed over to Kason's family's house for their Easter celebration. It was fun to get together with everyone! We had a yummy Easter Dinner and then we went to the nearby school park to have an Easter Egg hunt. It was fun to see how excited the kids were. Kelli and Kelton are so sweet to plan such a fun and exciting day for us. We are so blessed to have such wonderful families!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Week 9

Week 9:
  • Baby Prisbrey is the size of a green olive this week! It's kind of a funny story because I told Kason how green olives were a stupid comparison because we don't cook or drink green olives and so I wasn't going to put it on my chalkboard! So instead we said baby is one inch long!
  • This week has been probably my worst week ever for sickness! Man I just am so nauseous all the time! I have lost a total of 6 pounds so far and I just don't ever want anything to eat!
  • I have really loved eating lunchables, blue Gatorade, and zone bars. I guess that doesn't make me a completely horrible mother right? I'm just glad I can eat wen I can!
  • Monday I took my first pregnancy sick day! I was up all night and my belly was hurting so badly! It was just so bloated and I couldn't get comfortable at all! Kason was so sweet to sit with me on the bathroom floor while I bathed. I finally got to sleep and when I woke up I felt exactly like I had the night before! I got ready and went to school and told them I just couldn't do it so they got me a sub. I feel like being pregnant is the lamest excuse for sick days ever but I hope they understand!
  • We are getting ready to go to the Valley of Fire camping this weekend so we have been packing! We are excited!
  • I have started going to spinning classes at the Washington Community Rec Center because Kason got us two free memberships :) I knew there must be one perk to his lovely job! I love it! I have always loved spinning but it has been so nice and I feel so good after! I have to be careful because I just get so paranoid I'm working too hard and yet not working hard enough for a workout, it's tough for your brain to find a happy medium!
  • I know this is crazy but I love drinking my water through a straw! I told Kason it tastes better and I drink more during the day... He thinks I'm on the verge of being certifiably crazy! :) but hey, whatever gets the job done right?!
  • Favorite moment of the week: Kason and I went to Fiesta Fun and had such a fun time! We enjoy going there but it was fun to see him enjoy blowing off some stress in the batting cages. I hit a round and then we hit a basket of golf balls on the range! His clubs were too tall for me, next time we will take mine too! Then he was so sweet he let me spend all his money like a little kid in the arcade! I'm a sucker for the arcade! :)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Week 8

Week 8:
  • Baby Prisbrey is the size of a Raspberry. It is so crazy to think that it has began to form lips, a nose, and eyelids. This book I have says that the heartbeat is now up to 150 BPM. Sometimes I lay very still and think I should be able to feel a heart beating so fast inside of me.. but I haven't felt anything yet! ha ha ha ha
  • So far this week I have been pretty nauseous. I feel like I am the biggest pansy or milking this more than most pregnant people do. I feel bad for Kason and don't want him to think I am a huge complainer. It is really getting to me. 
  • I haven't been as tired during the day which is nice. I haven't really taken any naps or anything this week and hopefully that helps with sleeping better at night. 
  • My mom is now officially up to 10-12 burp rags and she bought us our first big box of diapers! ha ha ha my dad might kill her before 9 months is up!
  • I wish I would have some motherly instincts that tell me if it is a boy or girl or not. I could have our whole nursery designed tomorrow if she is a girl... but if it is a boy... I have NO idea what I will do with that room! I haven't found any cute boy ideas yet... but I will keep looking just in case! 
  • School is back in session! I keep thinking how nice it would be to have more weeks like Spring Break and stay home and clean our house and exercise and just have me time. Then I wake up from my dream and realize that isn't reality ha ha ha. 
  • We went on a picnic this week. We packed lunches and rode Kason's motorcycle around until we found the perfect spot. It was crazy the most wonderful drops of rain fell on us while we ate. The sky was sunny and it was hot, but soft cool rain fell on us! Nature is a crazy, beautiful thing!
  • I've really struggled with food this week. I had to give up on eating healthy for a few days and just make sure I was eating something, ANYTHING! I am loving lunchables and bagel bites...and Chicken McNuggets have seriously never tasted so good!
  • Favorite moment of the week: Daddy made the most wonderful dinner for us on Sunday. He got out our camp chef and dutch ovens and made steak and dutch oven potatoes. It was amazing! He is so talented and so handsome while doing it! 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Week 7

Week 7:
  • Baby is the size of a blueberry.
  • Spring Break has begun! Woohoo! 
  • Mommy has only thrown up a few times, but she is nauseous quite often. Mostly at night. 
  • Lost 2 more pounds! That makes 5 total! I might as well be excited now, because it's obviously not going to continue for much longer!
  • Trying to eat as healthy as I can, but lately I can't even say the word...eek or type it... "vegetables". However, I am trying my best! 
  • I am not sleeping very well! WHY? It isn't like I am uncomfortable! I wake up around 2 or 3 every morning and just lay there and my body will not fall back asleep!
  • We are starting to get so excited! I already have a huge list of things I have researched and want to buy. Now, to convince daddy! 
  • Daddy predicts that you are a girl, but desperately... DESPERATELY wants you to be a boy! He said he had a few dreams about me being pregnant with a girl before we even found out. Like the week and a few days before. He really wants our oldest child to be a boy though. Of course he will love you either way!
  • Mommy predicts that you are a girl. I even ordered a few hair bows.... bahahahah don't make fun of me! I kept waiting at the checkout to get this overwhelming feeling that I shouldn't buy it... but it never came, not even the slightest feeling, and so I bought them! 
  • My mom, is SO excited! She has already made 5 or 6 burp rags and who knows what else she has going in that cute mind of hers! 
  • I love, love, LOVE riding my bike! We got it a few weeks ago and it is the best exercise! I rode over 50 miles this week. One day I did 15, and the rest were an average of 8-10. But I did it each day this week and it is such a wonderful relaxation for me! 
  • Favorite moment of the week: going for a ride with Kason on his motorcycle. I was sick pretty much all week from like 3pm-8pm and so it was such a great way to get some fresh air! 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Week 6

Week 6:
  • Found out we were pregnant on March 3, 2013.
  •  Went to our first Pre-Natal appointment on Tuesday, March 5,  2013. It went wonderfully! We got to see our baby for the first time and see its precious heart beating. It was about 90 BPM. 
  • My brain is on OVERLOAD! I have researched almost everything imaginable and just want to make sure I am doing all of the right things. 
  • I lost 3 pounds this week. Should have started this baby diet a long time ago! :)
  • Due Date should be around October 25th. 
  • Cross Fit was rough this week. My brain won't stop telling me how tired and weak it is! I know it has to be in my head because before I 'KNEW' I was pregnant, I didn't notice a thing!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Chalkboard Project

Now that all our excitement has grown tremendously we thought we should start documenting all the wonderful changes that are taking place, and are about to take place! I made this cute chalkboard frame so we could take pictures each week of my belly as it grows a little bigger! It turned out really cute and looks great on the wall! I wish I had a better camera.. I've realized very quickly that suddenly my list of wants have to be non-existent because we have a huge list of needs approaching us VERY QUICKLY! ha ha ha

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Just the THREE of us!

Oh my goodness! Where do I even start! I can't believe I'm even writing this post! It's official.. After 10 months of being newlyweds, it's not just US anymore! WE'RE PREGNANT!! We found out on Sunday, March 3rd, 2013. I knew I was pretty late, but that is kinda normal for me so neither one of us had put that much thought into it. Several doctors had told us before hand that it would probably be pretty difficult for us to get pregnant when the time came and so we hadn't really thought about it much. In case you forgot we haven't even been married one year! Ha ha ha! So Sunday morning we woke up and started moving around and Kason joked that I should take a test and so I agreed just because we were NOT expecting anything from it! I went upstairs and read the instructions 462672 times. After I was done it said it would take 5 minutes or so to process. I put the cap on and washed my hands. It had a digital screen that had an hour glass dropping sand and so as I reached for the towel I checked to make sure it was still working.... It said, "PREGNANT" I couldn't believe it! It had maybe been 20 seconds! (Yes, just because I teach kindergarten doesn't mean I go through the entire alphabet each time I wash my hands) I grabbed the stick and RAN downstairs! Kason knew what it said before I even handed it to him! We both looked at each other in shock! We knew we must be way pregnant too because my last period had been like 6 weeks before! I didn't know what to say or think so of course I just cried ha ha ha I think I was nervous and scared and a little...okay a lot shocked! I just looked at him and started to cry. I wasn't sad, I just was nervous, and scared, and couldn't BELIEVE WE WERE GOING TO HAVE A BABY!
We couldn't wait to tell our families and so we both went and got dressed and drove down to Bunkerville. I was trying to think of a million simple but clever ways we could tell them. We decided that we would write with chalk on their driveway so when they were driving home they would see a message waiting down below their house. We wrote, "Two New Grandparents Live Here!" Then we drew arrows that pointed them all the way to their house. You know, just in case they weren't thinking it was them! They were very excited! They couldn't believe it either! Natilyn, has a broken ankle and so she had just got a new hard cast put on. She hadn't heard our exciting news and it worked out perfect because the first thing she said to us was, "Want to sign my cast?!" Of course I agreed, and told her she had to close her eyes. I wrote, "Nat, You're Going To Be An AUNT!!" She read it a few times and then her eyes finally popped wide! She was very excited too! We left from my family's house and headed home to tell Kason's family. It was actually kind of late when we finally made it to his parents house, we went in and weren't quite sure what to say. It wasn't that I didn't want to tell them in a cute way too, but they already have grand kids, so I knew it wouldn't be as exciting as it was for my mom and dad, because this will be their first! Kelton and Kelli were playing around on their computer and Kelton seemed a little testy, so it was already making the night even more awkward ha ha. Kason sparked a random conversation about some empty picture frames Kelli needed to hang on her wall and asked what she was going to put there. She said she wasn't sure, so Kas said, "You can hang a picture of your new grand baby..." She lifted her head and said, "what?" and then she realized what he had said and they both were so excited! They were very, very shocked ha ha ha! When we told them that we drew with chalk on my parents driveway they were a little sad. So they made us go out to their driveway (at 10pm) and write the same thing ha ha ha. It was super fun! :) I am so glad we did so we could get a cute picture of our adventurous night!
After, all our excitement rubbed off we went home and climbed into bed. I had a slight nervous break down. I am sure the first of many, and Kas was so sweet to help me realize it would be okay! He is such a wonderful husband and I am so happy that he is mine for eternity. I couldn't have ever picked a greater man, or a more wonderful father for our cute babies!