Monday, April 29, 2013

Little He or Little She?!

Monday, April 29th is FINALLY here! It was the most wonderful day! I stayed home from school because I wanted to clean our house and have a day to myself...unless my principal is reading this... then I was really, really sick! :) Our house was sparkly clean when I was finished with it! Kason got to leave work a few minutes early because they didn't take a lunch that day and so he came and picked me up for our Dr. Appointment. This was nice because usually we have to meet there after school and work and so we leave with two cars! He got there and I was starting to get VERY nervous! I had already prepared myself in case we got to the Dr. and they weren't able to tell us what the gender was. We arrived at the Dr. and the very first thing you do when you get there is go into the Ultra Sound room. She asked if I was stressed or nervous and so I told her about our party that we supposed to be having that night and so we really REALLY wanted to see some baby parts today! It took her about 10 minutes. She had me move around on my side and she moved the baby and then she finally told us what IT was going to be. We were excited! I was a little emotional, but we were excited! It felt good to finally know!
After the Dr. we went to the Dollar Store and picked up our silly string that we were going to use to tell everyone what it was. We had to wait until we knew what color to buy so that was the last errand we needed to run. We went home and I got a few more things ready for the party and then everyone showed up! It was so much fun! I was nervous our little house would be too uncomfortable but I thought it was perfect! My mom was a great help especially by letting us use so many of her cute dishes. The decorations were AMAZINGLY cute! I loved the way it all came together. We had a candy bar with all blue and all pink candies, the drinks were blue and pink, the plates and utensils were blue and pink, EVERYTHING WAS BLUE OR PINK! We had everyone trying to guess but we kept it a secret until we were ready to go outside and reveal the silly string. We had 5 bottles and so Kason, Me, My Mom, My Dad, and Kelli all held one. (Kelton got called into work and so he couldn't make it.) We counted to three and then let the silly string come flying out! It was...BLUE! Our sweet Baby Prisbrey is going to be a BOY! We are thrilled! We can't wait to meet him and see his handsome little face! I told you I was emotional in the Dr. and now you know why! ha ha ha I really secretly had hoped it was a girl... however, the more I realize that this beautiful baby is going to be just like my amazing husband, the more I can't wait to have him join our family!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Week 13

Week 13:

  • This week Baby Prisbrey is the size of a peach! Mmm all week I have been thinking about peaches just because of that! :) We are getting so excited to go to our Dr. Appointment next Monday. We are having a cute little gender reveal party after so we are keeping our fingers crossed that the baby doesn't keep their legs crossed! :)  
  • I have been feeling SO AMAZING! I told Kason .. okay just a warning.. usually when I say I "told" Kason something.. it means I was crying to Kason about.. ha ha ha anyways I started crying the other day because I told him I was worried about the baby. I told him I in NO WAY feel pregnant anymore. He told me that was good and that it was normal for me to feel better at this point and that I shouldn't worry. I am so grateful I am not feeling sick anymore but it is weird to feel this great! 
  • This week we have been going to they gym together at night and it feels so good! I was so sore after the first day but I know it will make me happy and healthy to keep going! I really have enjoyed it! I am trying that 30 day squat challenge in addition to my workout routine and boy oh boy can I just say I am feeling it! 
  • On Monday we usually have Family Night with my family and this week we decided that we just wanted to come home and rest. We missed having fun with the family but it felt so nice to come home and relax. I don't think it is pregnancy related but Kason and I have just been so tired the last few days!  We both kind of have had sore throats and so I hope we aren't catching anything nasty!
  • We are getting BEYOND excited for Monday! We cannot wait for our Dr. Appointment and we are praying this little cute baby cooperates so we can find out what he or she is! I am also getting really excited for our Gender Reveal party! However, It won't be a very fun party if we have nothing to reveal! :) I am ready to start decorating the nursery! It completely stresses me out that we have nothing prepared! I know that sounds silly but I am such a weirdo and I keep having this same dream that this baby comes early and we have nothing ready! Let's hope that doesn't happen!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Yearly Teacher Evaluation

I am so excited to be making this post! I have already told my family how exciting it was, but I just had to brag. As part of the state licensing each teacher is to be evaluated once a year. It is usually at the end of the year and an administrator will come into your classroom and stay for 30 minutes or so. Well I had mine a few weeks ago. After three days you go into a meeting and they discuss with you your score and things they liked and disliked. Well I was pretty nervous for mine because we were having an unlucky technology day that day! While my administrator was in here our clickers stopped working and then our power point went all funny. It was awful! I quickly moved to something else and just made the most of it. When I went into her office she told me she thought it was wonderful and that I was doing a really great job. She reminded me of my last years scores. There are like 35ish things they judge you on and they are based on 4 levels. A= Advanced, P=Proficient, WT= Working Towards, and NI= Needs Improvement. Last year I had all P's and maybe like 7 or 8 A's. She told me that she is very stingy on her A's and rarely gives them out and that last year I had blown her away with how well I did for a first year teacher. WELL THIS YEAR WE WERE BOTH IN FOR A SHOCK! She gave me a PERFECT paper! All A's! She said she has only done that twice, and I was the second! :) I was SO excited! I really truly was so shocked because sometimes I just feel like no matter how hard you try you should always be doing something different or better. I am super proud and I hope it doesn't sound like I am conceited, I just thought that was something to be proud about!
Here is the proof! :)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Burp Rags

My wonderful, talented mother has been sewing baby projects since the day we told her we were pregnant! Literally! She is so wonderful and they have made us so excited to hold our sweet little baby in our arms! They are so cozy and soft and she picked the cutest fabrics! Her and I have always been funny.. The things I ABSOLUTELY loves, she HATES and the things she ABSOLUTELY loves, I HATE... ha ha ha so we compromised and each picked a few favorite fabrics :) The only bummer is if this baby turns out to be a boy, we won't be able to use 8 of the burp rags (there are 2 in each fabric) but if it is a girl I think we can use all but that blue one on the end it has boyish animals and things on it! The back is made with the softest white fabric and these are the most awesome burp rags I have by far ever seen! I can't wait to tell her what sex this baby is so she can get started on our MANY more sewing projects! I love you mom! We appreciate you so very much! You did such a wonderful job! Thank you!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Kason's Half-Birthday!

Today was Kason's half-birthday! I love my half birthday and so I thought it would only be right if I made his somewhat fun too! I don't think he even knew it was! I made him a cute little card to surprise him when he got in his truck for work and that was really all. I wanted to make half a cake, but neither of us need to eat cake! :) Aside from it being his half-birthday... That means this baby will be here in less than 6 months whether we are ready or not! Ha ha ha eek! Guess we better get going on a few things!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Week 12

Week 12:
  • Baby Prisbrey getting so big! This week it is the size of a large plum! All of the babies main structures are almost finished and fully formed and now they will just continue to maintain learn to function for the rest of the pregnancy.
  • The baby is almost three inches long! That is so tiny! 
  • This week I swear I felt the baby move inside me. On Saturday, April 13th. I know they say it doesn't happen until way later, and so maybe I was feeling something else. However, it was down exactly where the baby was and it just felt like a quick little fish jumping inside me or something! I told Kason what I felt because we were driving and I told him I must be crazy but wanted to document it anyways!
  • This weekend was our Anniversary! We spent Saturday morning in the Temple doing sealings and then we went to church Sunday and had fun being lazy with each other every other spare moment in between! Too bad cuddling doesn't burn calories, we would both be skinny! Instead we just spend all our free time expending zero energy! ha ha ha
  • Sunday night we went for a long walk! Almost two hours worth! It was nice to get out of the house in the beautiful spring time weather! I love walking with Kason, we never run out of things to talk about and I just am so grateful that he is all mine forever! I think he is going to be the best dad, he is already the most AMAZING husband and I feel so lucky that our sweet children get to look to him as an example.
  • Friday morning I was going through my closet trying to find something, ANYTHING to wear to school and not ONE of my skirts fit! I had to wear it to school.. completely NOT ZIPPED! Luckily my shirt kept it covered but I was so embarrassed! I cried and told Kason we had to find me some skirts or I was calling in sick Monday on account of NOTHING TO WEAR! We went shopping Saturday and he was so sweet to buy me whatever I needed no matter what it cost just so I would feel comfortable for the next few months. We only bought skirts but I bought two in the stores, and ordered three online in the parking lot after we were done shopping because I was so discouraged and sad that I couldn't find very much! Have I told you already today that I love my husband!? Luckily I have two cute skirts and my other three will be here by Wednesday! I feel so much prettier today and way more confident and it looks normal now that my belly is sticking out.. not like I just am a total fatty!
  • My new skirts from Old Navy arrived this week! They are super cute! I absolutely love them! I now officially have 5 skirts (one for each day of the week) ha ha ha and if anyone dares question my fashion by repeating outfits so often, I swear I will get all sorts of pregnant crazy on them! :)
  • On Thursday night Kason and I both got home from work and he decided he wanted to take a bath, so I went and laid in bed waiting for him to get out. After his bath he ended up laying next to me and it was about 5:00pm. The next thing I know it is dark out side with a little bit of light and so I grab my phone thinking it was super weird that I forgot to charge it last night. Kason hears me fumbling for it and he realizes that it is sort of light but dark outside and we both thought it was morning and we were LATE FOR WORK! He hopped out of bed and I looked at the time and it said 8:45 and so in my head I thought oh my gosh school started an hour ago! (I should have known the sun is up more than that by 8:45) We realized it was still night time and that we had take a long well needed nap.. I went down stairs and got a drink, took my medicine, and locked all the doors and we both went back to bed by 9:00 ha ha ha. I think it ended up being over 13 hours of sleep :) mmmm.. we should do that more often! 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

One Year Anniversary!

I can't believe that we have been married a whole year today! Where has the time gone! I am so blessed to have Kason as my wonderful husband and feel so much more love for him each and every day! This has been the most amazing year! We have had nothing but laughs! We truly have so much fun together and he is the sweetest man! We spent the weekend being so excited that we had been married a whole year! Saturday we went to the Temple at the exact same time our sealing was last year on this Saturday as we were sealed together and it was so special to be there on this special day. We did sealings again and it was such a neat and wonderful experience to remember those words that were spoke to us a year ago. I am truly the luckiest girl in the world! I can't wait for all of the other adventures that await us and we continue our journey to forever! :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Week 11

Week 11:
  • This week our growing Baby Prisbrey is over two inches long! It is so crazy to think that week 9 the baby was just one, and now it is two! So much happens so quickly and it is mind boggling to think about how amazing the gift of life is!
  • This weekend was conference weekend and so we watched it on Saturday from home and then Sunday we went over and made breakfast with Kiley's family and some of her friends and watched it at Kelli and Kelton's house while they were in SLC at conference! We hung out all day and had lots of fun!
  • Sunday night was the Academy of country Music awards! Mmmm I love me some country music! Baby and I listen to Blake Shelton's new CD everyday and so we were excited to watch him host! Daddy thought we were crazy because I sat directly in front of the TV all night!
  • This week is teacher appreciation week and I have been so loved and appreciated! I have received so many goodies and treats all week! It is so fun being a teacher! (most days ha ha ha)
  • My belly is starting to get big! I definitely notice a change each and every day! Even Kason has noticed a rather LARGE change this week!
  • I have been craving bagels with cream cheese! This week I had no problems eating and so I am up two pounds! ...oops!
  • This has been a fun week for Kason and I. Our anniversary is Sunday and so I think we both have felt so blessed and loved all week. We remember those feelings we get this exact week before the wedding a year ago and it's brought so much fun and joy to think back on it! On the 10th it was my one year anniversary of being endowed and I have had the most amazing year spending time in the Lord's beautiful Temple! It is by far one of my most favorite things to do!
  • I ordered some cute ruffle lace bloomers and hair bows and they arrived this week! I am not so sure I think it's a girl.. But I guess we will cross our fingers April 29th will tell us! :)

This was only my goodies from Friday on Teacher Appreciation Week! I seriously came home with so much stuff everyday! I felt so loved! Yes, that is a sugar cookie the size of an entire box.. and yes.. we ate it.. ALL

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Week 10

Week 10:
  • Baby Prisbrey is the size of a prune! So much has been developed and we are almost done creating new organs and body parts!
  • We started off our weekend by going camping for Easter at the Valley of Fire. We love going down there with my mom's whole family for Easter and Halloween. We are excited and sad to say this will be our only trip to the Valley of Fire this year because our sweet Baby Prisbrey is due the same weekend as our Halloween camp out! We left Friday afternoon and came home Sunday morning. It was warm but so perfect! I love sleeping in our little tent with Kason! Life is so fun!
  • My handsome brother and his cute girlfriend got engaged! He had her ring as one of the egg prizes and so she went to claim her prizes and my grandma handed her the ring box and she of course wasn't thinking anything about it and so it was funny to see josh hiding behind her getting on and off one knee as she kept moving on to the next prize ha ha ha it ended up working perfectly and she of course said yes! Her ring is beautiful!
  • Sunday after camping we came back home and unpacked and showered and headed over to the Prisbrey home to celebrate Easter with them. Kiley and her family were down and Kade and Sydney came over too! We had a yummy dinner and then Kelton and Kelli put on a huge egg hunt at the park by their house! It was so fun! The kids loved seeing all the eggs! Grayson would stop and eat the candy from each one before even caring about finding another egg ha ha ha! We are so grateful for the fun and memories we shared!
  • I was only sick a few times this week which makes me excited that maybe this nasty spell is almost over?! I was pretty uncomfortable and sick while camping but I think it was mostly because it was hot and different circumstances.
  • I had Friday and Monday off of school for Easter Break! Mmm I sure love these breaks from school but this was our VERY last one! Eek! I hope I survive all of April and May without a break! :)
  • I had my first craving meltdown! I love cheddar fries! Yes, like the ones from elementary school snack shack! I used to see them occasionally at Walmart and lately I haven't! One day I made Kason go to every Walmart within a 30 mile radius and still no luck! Ha ha ha ha poor fella :) He is a good man! Have I said that before?! :) Anyway, so I ordered some off Amazon. Unfortunately you can't just order one bag... So I ordered like 8... Ah! Don't judge me!! I wish I was brave enough to post the picture of my ridiculous self hugging all right bags as they arrived! My sweet husband I'm sure will use it as blackmail one day!
  • We went to our second ultrasound on Monday! That was so exciting! We sat our baby's sweet nose and hands and toes and it just kept kicking and waving and moving around! It was so breathtaking and perfect! I couldn't even fathom how special it was that a perfect little baby was moving around at that minute in my belly! The heartbeat was 179 (hmm.. Maybe a girl because its so fast?). They said we could come back on April 29th and they will be able to tell us the gender! That is so soon! We are so excited!
  • April Fools was on Monday so after our appointment I text my mom, dad, and nat as said it's a BOY! Nat was like noooooo! And my mom was so excited and they said are you sure?! And I said yes 97% sure! So they asked a few more questions and I said the Dr. was also 97% sure that was an April Fools joke! Hahahaha they were NOT happy with me! :) They told me it would be a boy now because I teased them!
  • Kason has had awful allergies this week! I feel so helpless and bad for him! He is so tough though and never complains! I have never had allergies and so I don't quite feel his pain but it looks miserable! I sure hope they leave him alone soon! :)
  • Favorite moment of the week: Wednesday we went out to dinner and ice cream! We went to Pancho and Lefty's. I've only been there since being pregnant, so I'm sure I will really love it tons more when I'm not! It was fun to get out of the house and be out with Kason. I sure do love that boy so much!
  • Our 1 Year Anniversary is in less than two weeks! Where has this year gone! How wonderful and special it has been to us each and every single day!