Thursday, May 30, 2013

Week 18

Week 18:
  • This week Wrekker is the size of a sweet potato! He is 5 and 1/2 inches long from head to the bottom of his cute bum! 
  • Friday was my last day of school! Summer is officially here! I am so excited and can't wait to be lazy and relax and productive all at the same time!
  • This weekend we began painting our nursery! It took a few days of frustration to get it all going but we finally haw our stripes all painted.
  • We hung out with Kiley and the kids this weekend. We went swimming at Aunt Gloria's and then went to Paula's for lunch. It was nice to have some fun and be in the cool water!
  • Monday was Memorial Day and we got up early and went down to Mesquite and got the dresser we are painting and redoing for the nursery. It was a quick trip but we got waffles out of it! I sure do love my moms waffles!
  • Monday we also went to Lowes and bought all of the things we needed for our projects! I was pretty exhausted after because we spent a lot of time there! My handy husband still wanted to come home and work! We built shelves, shutters, and he was even loving it so much he went back to Lowes and bought stuff to quickly build some shoe racks for the garage! They all look amazing!
  • Tuesday and Wednesday I painted and sanded and we love the way everything turned out! We can't wait to see it hanging in the nursery! 
  • This week we got our books in the mail and our vintage tractor signs that I've been waiting so patiently for! 
  • We finished making our custom built shelf that Kason and I designed and made ourselves! I can't wait to show everyone how great it looks! 
  • Thursday, we went to our big ultrasound. We are half way there and so they look at all of his bones and organs and features and tell us of any concerns we maybe should have. Well Wrekker wasn't being very cooperative. He was curled up in the tiniest ball in the very bottom of my belly and so she couldn't really see a whole lot and didn't feel comfortable telling us everything was 100% when she couldn't fully see, so we have to go back in two weeks to do it again! That's ok though, I never get tired of seeing his cute face and tiny fingers and toes!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Week 17

 Week 17:
  • This week baby Wrekker is the size of an Onion. Gross! He is five inches long and more than three and a half ounces in weight! It says in my book that he is the size of my open hand. I can't even imagine holding a tiny baby with one open hand. That would be so small still! We are glad he gets to grow a little bigger before we meet him! 
  • This week was a rough week for mom at school. It is hard being in charge of all the kindergartners and their teachers this close to the end of the year because not only are we preparing to leave school but I already have to have everything ready to come back to school in August. I am definitely ready for summer and to not see any adults from school until it is over! ha ha ha
  • This week I was very tired. I was very busy though. At school I have been running a thousand miles an hour trying to get everything ready for graduation, report cards, end of the year, summer school, next year, kindergarten videos, you name it! So almost every day when I came home I just wanted to plop down and not move for the rest of the night. I even told Kason I don't make him rub my feet very often, but a few of those nights he didn't have a choice. They were so swollen! 
  • We ordered our crib! After me debating the purchase for the ENTIRE day I finally clicked the submit button. Contrary to how high maintenance I might appear, I really HATE spending money and so I struggle buying all these big purchases! Eeek! I am so excited for it to arrive though. It is an antiqued white finish and so hopefully it just perfect in his cute little room! 
  • I think I felt him kick for the first time! I was laying in bed Thursday (May 23rd) morning and I rolled over on my side and I was so tired but I felt two little kicks and I immediately got cold chills. I shook my hand in Kason's face and said, "It happened! It happened!" and he was asleep so he was like WHAT HAPPENED?! I guess I should have approached it differently ha ha ha! 
  • I went to Chianne's bridal shower on Wednesday (May 22nd) night. It was a little.. okay a lot windy but super fun! I am starting to get so excited for her! She got lots of wonderful gifts and there were actually quite a lot of people there. 
  • Thursday was their wedding. I finally finished the wedding video I made for them and it turned out perfect! Their wedding was so beautiful my mom did an amazing job! No one could have ever known they threw it all together in two weeks. It was seriously perfect! It was also a little windy but as soon as the sun went down it was perfect outside! 
  • Tuesday was Kindergarten Graduation. I am the team leader so I was kind of in charge of getting everything in order and so I am finally glad that is over! I won't have kids for the rest of the week but summer doesn't officially start til Friday! I am so so so excited! 
  • Wednesday night is Kason's bowling league night. This was his first week. I couldn't go watch because I was at the bridal shower but he said he had a lot of fun. We are hoping for better scores next week though! ha ha 
  • This week we got the nursery all cleaned out! It is officially empty and ready to be worked on! We have been sitting in there right before we go to bed with the lamp on just day dreaming about how perfect it will all be one day. We are getting so excited to meet this sweet baby boy of ours! 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Week 16

Week 16:

  • This week we have decided to share our sweet baby boy's name with the world! That way we can stop calling him "baby, or him". Kason and I are really excited about the name. It is definitely different. It was weird one day we were talking about names way before we even thought about being pregnant and we came up with this one.. and ever since we have loved it! Here it is...
Wrekker Kase Prisbrey
  • If anyone makes fun of it you will need to take that up with us personally, because you're secretly only jealous you didn't think of it first! :) 
  • This week was a huge week for baby Wrekker because his little ears have finally developed to the point where he can hear us. I have been extra careful to make sure Kason and I don't say anything bad ha ha ha we will see how long that lasts! I also try to sing in the shower and Kason even makes sure Wrekker can hear him when he has something to say about mom being crazy!
  • This week we finally start to feel healthy and we are doing much better than last week! 
  • I feel like I have been eating a lot lately. It is freaking me out! I know you aren't technically supposed to eat for two, however, some meals I feel like I accidentally did! I guess those 6 pounds I lost in Trimester I are going to come back sooner than we thought! 
  • This week we ordered some old vintage signs for the nursery! I can't wait for them to arrive! One of them is the main color inspiration so I can't wait to see it so I can go get paint samples! 
  • Josh and Chianne have decided that they are getting married on May 23rd! That is in almost two weeks and so I went down this week to help them make some invitations. They turned out really cute. I think I didn't realize how much my mom did for me and our wedding until I am now on the other side watching. I am so grateful for her and hope she realizes how amazing her children think she is. 
  • This week Kason and some of his friends from work wanted to go bowling. I decided I would tag along to watch. They are going to start on the bowling league in a few weeks and it was fun to get to know them and watch them all bowl a few games! I am glad Kason has something fun to do one night a week, I feel like I am so boring and so this will be so fun to go watch him and let him share his wonderful personality with the rest of the world! 
  • This weekend we decided to move the couches together and make a fort in the living room. We love making forts and this one wasn't our best, but it was still fun to sleep in it. Yikes, except I learned the hard way that maybe pregnant ladies SHOULD NOT sleep on the ground. I really was quite miserable when we woke up. It didn't help that we had to pick a shoulder to sleep on for the whole night because our fort was tiny.. ha ha ha we definitely need to upgrade our fort making tactics for the next coming months!
  • Mother's Day was on Sunday. We got our moms some gift cards to Red Mountain Spa for a massage and lunch! I was so jealous! This was my first mother-to-be, Mother's Day and it was so special! Kason is so sweet and made sure I felt important all day. 
  • Friday night we went to Natilyn's Wizard of Oz Play. She was a munchkin and a wicked witch. She did a wonderful job! It was fun to watch her because I was the munchkin mayor when I was younger, except she didn't look near as ridiculous as I did back then! 


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Week 15

Week 15:
  • This week our sweet baby boy is the size of an orange!  I feel like I am definitely starting to show. I swear it happens over night! I definitely have a belly bump! 
  • This week was a rough one for dad and mom. We both had a pretty nasty cold all week! I had a horrible cough and it stuck with me all week long and then it turned into an even deeper nasty cough. We thought that was as bad as it could get... until we both woke up on Thursday with PINK EYE! We were so disgusted! I went to a half day of work before they kicked me out and so Kas and I went to the Doctor. We got some medicine for our gross eyes and even for my cough! I hope we feel better soon! It is hard to be pregnant and sick! This was my first real sickness and cough drops just don't heal you fast enough! We slept with the humidifier in our room for four nights. We probably smelled like disease as much as we looked it! 
  • We decided once we had taken our pink eye medicine we were technically not contagious anymore.. and we were hungry.. so we did the socially responsible thing to do and went out to dinner! :) We went to Durangos. (I love that place so much) On our way to dinner I noticed this cool lamp inside Tai Pan. We went in to look at it and it is PERFECT for the nursery! We were both SO extremely excited! We can't wait to show you all the big final reveal of the room! No peeking until then! :) 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Week 14

Week 14:

  • First we will start with the important stuff... We had our Dr. Appointment Monday. Our sweet baby is a BOY! I am sure you already know that by now, but just to be official on our week 14 page!
  • He is the size of a Lemon! At our appointment it measured him at four inches!
  • This weekend started off really fun, Natilyn came and stayed with us. We went to Fiesta Fun and did some mini golf. We of course won't make anyone feel bad by naming the winner.... but let's just say I got not one, but TWO, Hole-In-One's! I don't even think Tiger has done that before in a day! :) 
  • We also went and ate at Red Robin. We told the waitress that it was Natilyn's birthday... it of course isn't! They sang and brought her ice cream! It was quite eventful! 
  • On Sunday, we woke up and went to church. We only could drag Nat to Sacrament and so while we were in our last hour my mom came up and took her back home. We love when she comes to stay with us! We will love it even more when we have a free babysitter! :)
  • Monday of course was our Gender Reveal Party! It was also the day of our 3rd ultrasound! It was amazing to see his little body parts! We got an amazing picture where you can see his whole face and his precious little nose! 
  • His heart beat this week was 165bpm. 

(Sorry, these pictures were taken at night so they don't look very good!)

A Note To Baby Prisbrey!

Yesterday, we noticed our party balloons were losing their oomph and so we decided since our dating memories and wedding night memories consist of writing notes on balloons and sending them to heaven, we would write a note to our sweet baby boy! We sent him a small note by mom and of course a Peterbilt by dad! We sure can't wait to meet this little guy!