Friday, July 26, 2013

Week 26

Week 26:
  • This week Wrekker is over 9 inches from crown to rump and weighs TWO WHOLE POUNDS! We also made it to TRIMESTER THREE! I don't know why, but that is still so surreal to me! We are almost done! I am not sure I am quite ready for that!
  • This was a fun weekend for us, Kason bought a cool new jeep! It's a '78 CJ-7 (whatever that means right?) It is very manly and handsome and it is a lot more practical than his motorcycle. We are sad to be selling it, but we obviously can't fit the car seat on there and well, to be honest, we can barely fit me on there lately! The jeep is a blast! You can take the doors off or put half doors on. The roof comes off and also has a hard top for when it's cold. It is an automatic and so I can drive it too! I actually LOVE to drive it! I think that surprised Kason and now he fights me for who gets to take it! 
  • This weekend the weather was kind of crazy and so Kason got called into work on Sunday so I had to teach primary by myself. It was a little nuts with 9 five year olds. I think all the other primary leaders could see the tears welling up in my eyes because I sat through singing time slightly having a pitty party for myself because I couldn't believe I really had to teach more kindergartners. It will get better! Kason is such a great help too! I think I secretly just hated being at church without him! 
  • Wednesday, Kason didn't have to work because it was the 24th of July. He had to go in during the morning because there was a big parade in Washington City, but I went to the parade with Kiley and Kelli and the kids and so I got to sit next to him. The parade was fun but we were all super hot when we left! I think it wore us all out! We went home and took a big nap! Kiley and I went and did some shopping a little later and we got me all registered for the baby shower at Target. She was a huge help and I never would have thought to register some of the things she suggested. Later that night we had a BBQ at Kelli and Kelton's house and had a lot of fun with everyone there. We had a few mishaps with our dinner ha ha ha but we all laughed about it and still enjoyed the night! 
  • On Thursday, we get to leave for our houseboat trip with my family and we are so excited! The rest of my family got to leave on Wednesday morning but Kason couldn't have the 24th of July off because he had to take the 4th of July weekend off for my Grandma Bowler's funeral. We are still grateful to be able to leave Thursday after work but IT CAN'T COME SOON ENOUGH!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Week 25

Week 25:
  • This week Wrekker is over 9 inches from crown to rump and weighs 1.5 pounds. He grows so much every week! It's crazy because I have only gained 7 pounds from the weight I started at when I found out I was pregnant! 
  • Friday, Kason surprised me and came home from work early so we could go camping earlier! He knew how excited I was to get out of here and I was so excited to see him! We finished packing up and headed to the mountain! It was so nice up there! It rained and felt so amazing. 
  • Saturday, we woke up and had breakfast and just relaxed. We went and visited my Uncle Raynor and Aunt Jean's amazing cabin in the woods, literally, and it was so fun to be there. We rode the four wheelers and visited and had a lot of fun! Chianne wasn't really feeling that well and had Kason and my dad give her a blessing. I am so grateful for a sweet husband that can do that. She eventually started feeling worse and so they decided to take her to the hospital in Cedar City. It was a good thing they did because her appendix was ready to burst! That was the night my mom and dad were in charge of dinner and so Kason and Natilyn and I cooked a big yummy dutchoven dinner for everyone. My husband is so talented it was delicious! 
  • Sunday, we woke up and had to start cleaning up. We packed up and headed home. Kason is always so helpful once we get home and we always have the laundry in and everything put away 20 mins. after pulling into the house! We relaxed the rest of the night. 
  • Tuesday night our bishopric came over to our house, we managed to survive over a year in our ward without a calling ha ha ha but they caught us! They made us primary teachers over the CTR 5 class. I was actually kind of upset about it because that is kindergarten age and 2 are in my class this year and one was just in my class in May and I felt like I shouldn't have to chase kindergartners 5 days a week and then on Sunday...... But I guess we will smile and do what we have been asked. 
  • This week was my last week tutoring and I am actually a little sad. I enjoyed working with Tayton and Mayson all summer and their family has been so generous and kind to both Kason and I. They want me to keep doing it once school gets going again and I hope that works out because I really would love to and it helps us out so much as well! 
  • Thursday, I went to lunch with my friend Jillian Bates. Her son was in my class my first year and she has been so sweet to me since day one! It was good to catch up with her and her crazy life! I hope we can go again soon, I sure do adore her! 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Week 24

Week 24:
  • This week Wrekker Kase weighs in at over one pound and he is about 8.5 inches from crown to rump. He is about the size of corn on the cob! 
  • We started out our week by going to my sweet Great Grandma Bowler's funeral on Saturday. She looked beautiful and so at peace. What a sweet reunion she must still be having with all those who love her and maybe even has met our precious Wrekker as he waits to come down to us. The funeral was beautiful. My grandma and Aunt Annette did such an amazing job. They have been so selfless to take care of her for so many years and I hope they felt so much peace knowing how good my Grandma Bowler is feeling in heaven. 
  • On Tuesday the 9th, we had a Dr. Appointment. This one was our very first and last one to not get an ultrasound. Since Wrekker is missing those veins in his umbilical cord we get to have ultra sounds each time to monitor his growth but since we weren't to 28 weeks they just measured my belly and checked his heartbeat manually. They said everything looked great and they will see us back at 28 weeks! 
  •  This weekend we are going camping to Cedar Mountain with my mom's side of the family and we are so excited to get out of this heat and camp! We have been packing and getting things ready to leave on Friday. This will be our last time camping just the two of us and so we are a little bitter sweet about it ha ha ha camping with a child in a tent just doesn't quite sound like music to my ears yet! We will see! 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Week 23

Week 23:

  • This week Wrekker is over 8 inches from crown to rump and he weighs just over a pound. His little body is still in the 20th percentile but we really think he is catching up and he will be healthy and just fine upon his arrival. 
  • We started out our weekend by leaving town on Friday. Kason took the day off and we left at 6:45 in the morning so we could head to Salt Lake City to see one of Kason's mission companions be married in the SLC Temple. I had never been in the temple and so I was super excited! We had a fun journey up and eventually Kason stopped letting me drink (ha ha ha just kidding) because we stopped A LOT to use the bathroom! Anyone who knows me, knows that I use the bathroom excessively anyways....well it is even WORSE now that I am pregnant! :)
  • The session was at 12:30 and we arrived just barely 30 minutes early. We had to change in the parking lot because even the large amount of extra time Kason planned into the trip for bathroom breaks, was still putting us behind ha ha. The session was beautiful. I have never seen anyone be married before, and I couldn't help but be flooded with the most wonderful emotions as I remembered when Kason and I knelt across that beautiful altar. I think I watched him for the whole ceremony instead of the bride and groom. I told Kason that Wrekker was kicking me the ENTIRE time and I felt like that was as close as we were going to get to being near him until he comes to earth in October. It was a special afternoon! After the temple we went to the City Creek Mall and window shopped. Then we drove back to Orem to our hotel. We took a small nap and then went to the reception which was only 5 minutes away. It was SO HOT. This was one of the hottest weeks in all of history for Utah and being pregnant must not have helped! We didn't stay long, but we were so happy for Ryan and Shelby. After the reception we went to the hotel and swam and then went to dinner. The next morning we ate breakfast (MY FAVORITE PART OF A HOTEL!!) and got the late check out! We started heading home around noon with a few fun stops on the way. I love road trips with Kason. We never stop laughing! My body was super sore from riding in the car so long two days in a row and so it felt nice to finally be home. We got home kind of late and got Durango's to go for dinner. 
  • Monday, my mom and I used her Mother's Day Coupon to get a massage. Don't worry, I paid for my own. It was lovely! It was an all afternoon event. We ate lunch (which was awful, I must need to broaden my horizons because I was terrified to eat anything! I had a a buffet... Then we had our massage and then pedicures. I can't wait to do it again! 
  • Wednesday, I finally buckled down and FINISHED WREKKER'S DRESSER! I can't believe it either! It looks amazing! I think it deserves it's very own blog post when I get the pictures up! Any six month pregnant lady who can re-do furniture on the hottest day of the year, deserves a medal! Just saying..
  • Thursday, was the Fourth of July. Kason had the day off so Kade and him went shooting in the morning. I was pretty spent from the dresser because I worked on it all day and until 10pm. I decided to just take it easy. When he got back we got ready and headed down to Bunkerville for our annual 4th of July party! The 4th is my favorite holiday and I love spending them now with Kason. I can't wait until Wrekker gets to have so much fun swimming and watching fireworks with my entire family. It was seriously so hot outside. It was still well over 100 degrees at midnight! We watched the fireworks, set off our own, and then headed back home. Happy Birthday America! We sure love you!