Thursday, September 26, 2013

Week 35

Week 35:
  • This week our baby boy is the size of a coconut. That is what the app says that I have been using.. I feel like it would have to be a pretty ginormous coconut though! Especially since a few weeks ago was a pineapple and next week is a watermelon! 
  • I have been still trying to get over this nasty cold and have been so miserable every night as I sleep. I sure will be grateful to have a nights sleep without this big hard belly soon! 
  • Saturday, we woke up and slept in and then decided to go on a lunch date and window shop a little bit. We had our primary program practice at 430 and after we went as got pizza and went to the park to shoot Kason's bow and arrow. Now that it is cooling down it is fun to watch him shoot and enjoy the outside cool air. 
  • Sunday was the primary program. We are so glad that is over! :) Our kids did such a good job! 
  • Tuesday, We invited Josh and Chianne up to join us for dinner and then have a date night shooting bows at the school field. We had so much fun hanging out with them and can't wait to do it again! 
  • Wednesday, Kason had to go into work for the homecoming parade and so while he was there I went grocery shopping and to get my nails painted. I want them to be ready in case this baby comes any day. 
  • Thursday, we had a Dr. Appointment after school and got to see our sweet Wrekker's face. He has the chubbiest cheeks and looks so handsome! I think he will look just like Kason. He weighs 5.9 pounds already! The Dr. said he has really long legs too! This was relieving because he has been so small each visit but seems to be catching up! We were only dilated to a 1 but were 70% thinned out. They only scheduled us for 3 more weekly appointments! Eek! After, my mom planned a nice big thanksgiving feast so we went down there to eat. It was so perfect! She is so sweet and ambitious and we are so spoiled! 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Week 34

Week 34:
  • This week our handsome baby boy is 5 whole pounds! It sounds little until you pick up a 5lb bag of sugar and imagine that that is what is in your belly! No wonder I can't get cozy when I sleep ha ha!

  • Friday, was pink night at the rodeo and so we got all dressed up in our pink and set out to have the best time! Tonight we get to sit in chair seats with Kason's family. That will be much cozier than last night. My cowgirl boots fit me still and so that's what I am wearing to the rodeo! I think that is pretty impressive for a 9 month pregnant lady. After the rodeo Kason and I went to Denny's for a midnight snack to get warm from being rained on at the rodeo. 

  • Saturday, was my birthday. I don't know if I just have been so busy being pregnant that I have forgot about my birthday this year or what but I seriously didn't give it much thought all week. Kason woke me up and took care of me in the sweetest ways by giving me a massage and making me feel so relaxed and special. Then we hung out and got ready to go to dinner with my family. We met at Pancho and Lefty's and then we went to the rodeo with them. It started raining a little bit and the wind blew for a minute but then the night was beautiful and we enjoyed our last night at the rodeo. We sure are gonna miss nachos, cotton candy, hot dogs and of course rodeo action until next year! We are so excited to take our precious Wrekker next year though! 

  • Sunday, we woke up and went to church. This is the week before our primary program so we didn't have to teach the lesson today we got to all practice together in the chapel. After church we made chicken and rice and veggies for dinner and then watched movies.

  • This week we didn't have much planned. It seems like it has been raining for a million weeks in a row. This makes it hard for Kason at work because he has been called in a lot. Hopefully he will have a good check with lots of overtime!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Week 33

Week 33:
  • This week our handsome baby boy is the size of a cantaloupe ! I can feel my belly getting so big! He has the hiccups all the time which makes me feel so bad! I hope he isn't miserable! 
  • I am really loving Dr. Pepper and Milk Duds. Which are two very unhealthy cravings! I try to be good about it! I have only gained 13 pounds so far so that isn't too bad! 
  • We didn't do a whole lot this weekend because Kason has been sick. He has been trying not to miss any days of work and so he was pretty exhausted from being sick all week and working so hard. I hate when he doesn't feel good.
  • Monday, I woke up feeling so sick. I caught this nasty cold that Kason has had and I was trying so hard to get ready for work but I had a fever and I finally just decided I wasn't going to go so I took my first sick day. I felt sad because I knew it would take one of my maternity days but I really had no choice. It felt nice to rest and take it easy. 
  • Tuesday, I went back to school and before I left at 3:45 I started having really strong contractions. I started timing them because I could tell they were really close together. They were about 5 minutes apart. I went home and laid down and still was having them even two hours later. I took baths and tried to sit or walk or lay to try and ease the pain but they were horrible. Finally, around 8pm they were about 2 minutes apart. We called the Dr. and they told us to come right into labor and delivery. WEIRD! We got in the car and drove there a little unsure about what was gonna unfold that night. We were monitored throughout the night and they eventually told us the reason my body was having contractions was because I was passing kidney stones! In case being 9 months pregnant isn't awful enough ha ha ha. We got home early in the morning and we decided we shouldn't miss work since I has the day before and so we toughed it out. False Alarm # 1 and I hope it is the only one! :)
  • Wednesday, my mom and dad brought us dinner which was so sweet of them. They had it warming on the stove when we walked in the door from work. It was chicken noodle soup and so delicious! They are way too good to us!
  • Thursday, it is officially RODEO night! We have been so excited all week! I love that Kason gets so excited about the rodeo. It makes it so much fun. We get there right as the gates open and we will be the last ones to leave when it is over. Tonight we had cement seats two rows in front of where Kelli and Kelton sit which isn't bad. It was the perfect temperature and we had so much fun! 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Week 32

Week 32:
  • This week Wrekker is about 4.5 pounds. I feel him moving so much and can constantly feel his hiccups. He is still head down and I feel so much pressure down there. I will definitely be surprised if I make it to 40 weeks. 
  • We started off our Labor Day weekend by me getting to leave work at 12:15 on Friday! We usually have lots of meetings and have to stay until 3:45. I ran a few errands and then Kason got home around 3. We were excited that we had NO PLANS all weekend! It has been a while since we were totally lazy on the weekend! We went to lunch and enjoyed a nice quiet jeep ride and even loved the rain that happened all weekend. 
  • Sunday, we survived primary but I was feeling pretty miserable. My sweet mom offered to come visit and bring us some tin foil dinners. We are so grateful for her and her thoughtfulness. Her and Nat drove up and we worked on our crib bedding that is almost finished! It was fun to have them here to visit with! 
  • Monday, Kas had to go help Kade fix a fence in his backyard.. I was kinda bummed because I knew this would be our last day off until we took time off for the baby. I got a lot  done while he was gone. I cleaned and did all the laundry. My grandma and aunt Annette were in town and so they stopped by to say hi for a little while. It was nice to see them and sweet that they thought of me to stop by. I thought for sure Kason would be home soon but he didn't get home til after 6:30. We just relaxed the rest of the night and enjoyed our last few minutes of the long weekend before bedtime. 
  • Tuesday, I started tutoring after school. I love that I can help make a few extra bucks through tutoring. This will be on a little boy for his handwriting because everyone knows Mrs. Prisbrey's class has the best handwriting in the whole school... No really.. This boy is a second grader and my kindergartners can out do anyone! :) I will only do it two days a week until I leave for maternity leave. 
  • This week our car seat and stroller arrived! We are officially all packed for the hospital now! I love the material and can't believe everything is all crossed off my to do lists! 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Wrekker's Nursery

Here it is... Finally! From start to finish! Now all we need is a precious baby boy to go inside this handsome room! I am so grateful for a hard working, creative husband who made all of this possible!