Saturday, November 30, 2013

One Month Old

I can't believe this little man has been with us for one whole month! We have been so blessed by his sweet spirit and don't know what we would do without him! It has gone by so fast! It seriously still all feels like it was yesterday! I think about our birth experience almost everyday and is it weird that I miss it? I am sad it is over!
Wrekker is getting a little bit bigger! I am not sure what he weighs exactly yet, but we will be going in to get him weighed to make sure he is getting enough to eat. 
His eyes are starting to have the slightest blue color to them. The dr. told us when he was born his eyes were so dark because babies don't gain color in them for the first 6 months. They are still very dark but I think blue will be the color. 
His hair hasn't fallen out... Whew! It is so beautiful I would just cry if he lost it! I hope it continues to grow and stay, to be honest, he almost should get a haircuts to get rid of the rat tail thing he has going in the back!
He is such a better eater. Breastfeeding has been a struggle, but he is doing so good and we only supplement about an ounce of formula maybe twice a day after feedings so I am hopeful he is starting to get all he needs. 
He is very alert when he is awake. I love the mornings after we wake up because he will just lay with me and look around. He loves to listen to Kason and I read him stories and he is pretty content to just lay on you and cuddle. 
He loves to be held. He won't always cry if you're not holding him, but he just loves to be close to you. I don't think he is spoiled just yet, but it is sweet that he wants to be wrapped up in mine or dad's arms so we let him.
He sleeps 4-5 hours between feedings at night. Sometimes I have a hard time getting him back to sleep but lately it has been really, really good! 
He doesn't wear newborn diapers anymore. Not necessarily because he doesn't fit ha ha but because we ran out and have a million size 1's that we need to use. 
He spits up A LOT. I will be sure to bring this up at our next check up but he has lots and lots and LOTS of gas, and we go through lots of spit up rags. 
He loves to take baths. Sometimes he will get in with me and then Kason will help get him out and dressed. Or usually I just bathe him everyday (because of the spit up smell) and he just lays there loving the warm water. 
He giggles in his sleep. I wish he knew he was doing it so I could know why or what makes him. He hasn't smiled or giggled awake, but he does it almost daily in his sleep! I wonder what he dreams about?!
He loves to ride in the car. He HATES to get in his seat, and will usually cry the first few mins of any car ride.. Which has made for some tough commutes to Bunkerville and back, but once he realizes he is in there and we are moving he goes right to sleep! 
He loves to sleep next to me every single morning after Kason leaves for work. It's like he is already smart enough to know. I have tried and tried to get him back to sleep after that last early morning feeding and he refuses, unless I lay him in my arms, then we will both sleep for 3 more hours guaranteed. Crazy boy!
November was full of so many exciting new moments as we were learning our new life with our sweet baby Wrekker. He is so sweet and such a blessing to our home. It is hard to believe that just days ago he was in Heaven. We had lots of visitors and seldom stopped staring at our handsome boy.
We took Grandma Kelli some balloons and to breakfast on her birthday.
Wrekker also celebrated his first Thanksgiving(s). He is healthy and growing each and every day!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The First Few Weeks

Having Wrekker at home with us has definitely been an adjustment. It has been weird going from the mindset of being so free to do anything, or have personal time, or sleep, to being completely focused on this sweet life who needs us to take care of him. We had lots of visitors and it has been so kind to see all the love that people have for our sweet boy.
On Sunday, October 27th after we went in for our first lab tests the Dr. Called and said his bilirubin count was way higher and he was even more in the high risk zone now. They sent us some biliights to our house and told us to keep him in at all times. He could be out for 30 mins every 3 hours. This was really hard on me because I just wanted to hold our new baby that we had waited so long for! He also didn't like the lights and so he cried a lot in them. It was really hard to listen to him cry so I would always take him out and wrap him up. I think he was crying because it was cold. All he can wear is a diaper in there. We went back for lab tests almost daily and watched as they pricked his tiny feet and squoze for blood. We had the lights and tests for 15 days until it was all figured out. 
Kason took a week off work which was so perfect! I wish he could stay here with us forever! It was really nice to not be left alone because it all was pretty overwhelming.
On Wednesday, our 3rd day home, we were feeling so tired and rundown and my sweet mom came and stayed the night to help with Wrekker. We hadn't slept much at all because keeping him calm under those lights was literally an all night task. We are so grateful for her!
Wrekker celebrated his first Halloween and I never thought I would be able to put him in all three outfits that he had, but I was welcomed to motherhood real fast when he spit up in each one throughout the day.
Wrekker had his first bath in the sink downstairs and loves to take baths! He never cried once! Wrekker has so many admirers and the whole month we have had countless visitors and everyone wants to hold him. He is already so loved! We still can't get over how precious he is. Mom and Dad are still adjusting but I think we have almost got the hang of this parenting thing.. at least for now! 
Breastfeeding has been kind of a struggle. They asked us to take a 6 day break so the jaundice could run its course and so I have been pumping. I have to admit it is nice feeding him formula so Kason can do it in the middle of the night, but I miss being so close to Wrekker and giving him the best thing for his body. It will be nice to be back on and I pray we can do it until his body doesn't need the great nutrients as much anymore. 
I think as the weeks go on we are starting to get into a better routine. Some days are really hard but it's getting easier. I do SO much laundry. Our house has been over ran by baby things, and I really miss spending all my seconds on Kason. It seems like every time we lay down to cuddle or even just relax and kiss the baby cries ha ha ha, Faith Hill really knew why she was talking about when she said, "A baby changes everything!" 
Around week two, Wrekker started crying a lot more and nothing would console him. He was telling me he was hungry almost every hour which was frustratin for me because it's hard to spend literally all your day breastfeeding and feeling like you can't do or be anywhere else! One night he had cried ALL day and I finally tried giving him a left over bottle from when his Jaundice was bad and he ate all 2 ounces in literally under a minute. I realized that maybe he wasn't getting enough breastmilk and it broke my heart to think he was so hungry. We started supplementing an ounce after feedings and that has changed him completely! No more crying for us! We continued to supplement about an ounce every feeding and this has really helped so much.
We cannot believe how much our lives have changed for the better! Wrekker has brought such a sweet spirit into our home. We love him so much already!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Newborn Pictures

Before Wrekker was born we bought a nicer camera and part of the deal was that I would take his newborn photos instead of paying so much money to have them done. So one day I loaded up the car with so much cute stuff and headed to Bunkerville so my mom could help. After 30 mins, pee on 3 of my props, and poo on another.. We decided maybe picture taking wouldn't be at all like we had hoped! I decided to call this photographer in my mom's ward and she came right over to our rescue! They turned out amazing! She used all of our props and spent so much of her day getting us perfect pictures! We love them Bailey! Go check out FlashBack Photoraphy if you ever need anything done!