Tuesday, April 28, 2015


December was a crazy month for us! We found out on December 6th that our house had sold. We were a little shocked, and nervous because that meant all of our planning and dreaming was about to become a reality. They wanted us to be out of our house ASAP but we managed to push it back to at least the 22nd so I could be on Christmas break. We found our new house and after one walk through bought it that night. We couldn't move in until January 5th though. We spent a few weeks with Kelton and Kelli and had so much fun just relaxing with little cares or responsibility. Our gratitude for all 2014 has brought us is immeasurable and we look forward to a new adventure together in a new year for 2015.

Christmas Blessings

We had to be out of our house on December 22, three days before Christmas. So Kelli and Kelton were so sweet to let us live there for two weeks. We spent Christmas with both our families and it was so fun to see the excitement on Wrekker's face!

Barcelona House: Moving Day

After countless hours of packing and moving and shoving everything we own into the trailer as we start our two weeks of Holiday homelessness...we are finally finished! It was nearly impossible trying to accomplish it all this weekend with Wrekker screaming, eating dog food, emptying all the freshly new folded and organized dresser drawers I had spent an hour on, and running out of diapers mid change. There was so much chaos and stress I didn't have time to think about all the laughter and memories that were shared in this home. I remember sitting a top the stairs telling Kason, as we were just dating, that this was the house and I didn't want to look any more. We shared our dreams of which room would "one day" be a nursery and how we would decorate the walls. We kissed goodnight at the doorstep for 4 months of sleeping apart, we spent our first night after our honeymoon opening literally an entire house full of presents until 3am, we chased each other around the island, had water fights, played hookie, I shouted from the bathroom when we found out we would soon be a party of three, I calmly came down the stairs with bags in hand the night I told him "it's time!", we carefully brought our precious baby boy and surrounded our floors with bouncers and diapers, we sang primary songs and rocked back and forth as we took turns calming a crying baby. We heard Wrekker say his first words and take his first steps, we watched him race us up and down the stairs, we tickled, we made forts, we read goodnight stories, and we said endless prayers that our home would be protected and our lives would be blessed and directed and they without a doubt have been. As I mopped my way out of the front door, leaving nothing to return to, I quickly realized I was mopping my own stream of tears and the emotion flooded my heart of all the love that was made in this home. We are so blessed and so fortunate and don't deserve our Heavenly Father's love and devotion toward our happiness and well-being. We are excited to start a new chapter of life as our family grows and we make new memories in our new home! We can't wait!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Temple Lights

We went and looked at the beautiful temple lights with Kelton and Kelli and the McDonald Family. The spirit there was so amazing as we remembered what it might be like on that special night our savior was born. My heart was so full as I held my sweet sleeping Wrekker in my arms and felt of the love Mary might have had for our Savior.


November was full of lots of fun memories. We waited impatiently for our house to sell. We drove around for hours looking at future houses. Wrekker got to ride at the front of the train on the Black Friday Women's expo. The conductor just thought he was the sweetest thing. Wrekker is such a good little eater. He loves snacks and juice at every meal. Wrekker loves to be my little "helper". One day I found my shoes under the sink... He loves to make us laugh though. We are enjoying this wonderful family and holiday season together.

Fall Family Pictures

Happy Halloween: Valley of Fire

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Wrekker Kase: Twelve Months Old

Wow! Wrekker is ONE! What a blessing this last year has been. We have had ups and downs but Wrekker is such a joy and brings us all so much happiness! He loves to dance every time he hears music. He loves daddy's truck and will sit in there for hours if we would let him! He loves his lawn mower. He winks, with his entire face, just like mom! He says "juice" every time he wants a drink. It is really cute! He says, "stock" when he calls for his puppy. He says "no" when he is touching something mom doesn't want him to. He says "tractor", and tells you he is one year old with his pointer finger. He can also count to two. He likes to ride his horse and says, "weeee". He loves his books and asks you to read them by saying, "book". He has started eating big boy food and no longer has bottles.

Year One

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Say, "eeese!" Photo-shoot at Grandma's

Wrekker's First Birthday


We had a crazy parental moment on the way home from Wrekker's PCH appointment. We thought a puppy would be the cutest birthday present for him! Ha ha ha remind me to think my impulses out next time... Just kidding we love her! We picked her up in Richfield on our way home. We kept her a secret until his birthday party! She is so sweet and Wrekker loves her!

PCH Update

Wrekker had his big 12 month old appointment at Primary Children's Hospital. We decided to wean him off of his medicine and see if the tumor is still growing. Dr.Vanderhooft said there is a high chance that he will rebound off of the medicine and need to start back on it. We are ready to watch and see what his strong body can do without it though!

C-A-L Ranch

Bath Time

Wrekker Kase: Eleven Months Old

We can't believe Wrekker is almost a year old! He is walking a lot! He loves the splash pad by our house. He loves to watch movies. He loves the animals at Cal Ranch. He loves to swing. It is one of his favorite things to do! He can say: "truck", "car", "more", "ball", "bath", "bubble", and a few other random words. He can snap and it is the cutest dang thing ever! He is a character and loves to make faces and laugh right along with you. He loves food and eats lots of little snacks. He has so much hair and looks so handsome with it combed.

Monday, April 20, 2015



Dixie Round-Up

Wrekker Kase: Ten Months Old

Wrekker loves trucks. He loves Kason's truck and loves to play with toy trucks and cars. He even makes noise as he drives them around the floor. He loves the boat and loves the lake water. He loves to drive anything with a steering wheel. He loves the carousel and loves the park. He loves to play catch and throws the ball perfectly back to you. He taught himself how to climb up the stairs, and then right back down them. He took his first steps and is now beginning to walk. He can say: "hi", "bye", "water", "boat", "mom", and "dad". He is so smart. He loves to play ABC games on the iPhone and swipes the screen perfectly with his little finger.

Our Crazy Life

Friday, April 17, 2015

Wrekker Kase: Nine Months Old

It's hard to believe our handsome boy has been with us for nine months! It is seriously incredible to see how much he changes every single day. Wrekker loves to undress himself while he sleeps. He is so happy in the morning when he wakes up. He loves to help me open the blinds and say, "hello world!" He really is loving having mom home for the summer. I can't even express how special this time together has been. He loves to be outside. He loves his green chair and to sit with us and watch the sun go down. He loves swimming, or any water really...water bottles, rain puddles, sprinklers, showers, you name it! He loves to sit in the lake with his floaty and doesn't even get scared. He loves going on walks, and can say "walk" when he is ready to go. He claps and waves to everyone he sees.

Camping at the Red Desert

Family Night

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Lake Days

Selling The Jeep

We were so sad to see the Jeep get sold. We just felt like the boat would be a new fun adventure for our family. We had so much fun on those four wheels and we can't wait to have one again some day!

New Boat

We are so excited about our big purchase! We live 15 minutes away from three lakes and so we are so ready to start spending our time there. We love our shiny red new boat. Kason even surprised me and brought it home one day with a name painted on the back. Our boat is called, "Carried Away". I seriously can't get over how INCREDIBLY thoughtful my husband is. That is our wedding song, and our song, by George Strait and how perfect is that for a clever boat name?! My heart literally melted into a 1000 pieces when I saw it. He is the best!! Sunshine and Summertime here come the Prisbrey's!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wrekker Kase: Eight Months Old

It is great to be eight, indeed (Months that is)! Wrekker has decided that he doesn't enjoy crawling too much and is already walking around all of our furniture. It is crazy to see him so mobile! He loves to ride in the bike trailer. He loves to wear his WRECKER onesie. He loves the big pool, and even goes under water when Grandma and Grandpa throw him in. He loves to look out the window now that he can see out of our big car. He loves his Grandma and cries when she leaves. He is starting to be a little more difficult on our long drives to SLC. He is so goofy and so fun!

June Adventures

Wrekker loves to ride the bike down to the duck pond and feed the ducks. They don't even scare him, he is so brave! Mom and Dad love to cruise in the jeep when Wrekker goes to Grandma's house.
We love when grandma and grandpa stop by the house. They always have something fun for Wrekker. He is so spoiled! This time they brought the cutest jammies. He looks so big in them!

Happy Father's Day

Kason celebrated his first Father's Day this year. He is such an amazing dad. Wrekker doesn't know just yet how lucky he is to have such a strong and wonderful man teach him everything he knows. We are so grateful for all the incredible dad's in our life. We have been so blessed to have such incredible and valiant men be our examples.

Date Night

Kason and I went on our very first date night away from Wrekker. It is always so hard to leave him, because we are away from him all day, but we needed some fun alone time together and we had the time of our lives. We went to Tuacahn and saw the Wizard of oz. Kason was in such a crazy and fun mood, he pulled into the gas station, came out with a disposable camera and stick on tattoos and we didn't stop laughing and being so crazy in love, all night!