Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Barcelona House: Moving Day

After countless hours of packing and moving and shoving everything we own into the trailer as we start our two weeks of Holiday homelessness...we are finally finished! It was nearly impossible trying to accomplish it all this weekend with Wrekker screaming, eating dog food, emptying all the freshly new folded and organized dresser drawers I had spent an hour on, and running out of diapers mid change. There was so much chaos and stress I didn't have time to think about all the laughter and memories that were shared in this home. I remember sitting a top the stairs telling Kason, as we were just dating, that this was the house and I didn't want to look any more. We shared our dreams of which room would "one day" be a nursery and how we would decorate the walls. We kissed goodnight at the doorstep for 4 months of sleeping apart, we spent our first night after our honeymoon opening literally an entire house full of presents until 3am, we chased each other around the island, had water fights, played hookie, I shouted from the bathroom when we found out we would soon be a party of three, I calmly came down the stairs with bags in hand the night I told him "it's time!", we carefully brought our precious baby boy and surrounded our floors with bouncers and diapers, we sang primary songs and rocked back and forth as we took turns calming a crying baby. We heard Wrekker say his first words and take his first steps, we watched him race us up and down the stairs, we tickled, we made forts, we read goodnight stories, and we said endless prayers that our home would be protected and our lives would be blessed and directed and they without a doubt have been. As I mopped my way out of the front door, leaving nothing to return to, I quickly realized I was mopping my own stream of tears and the emotion flooded my heart of all the love that was made in this home. We are so blessed and so fortunate and don't deserve our Heavenly Father's love and devotion toward our happiness and well-being. We are excited to start a new chapter of life as our family grows and we make new memories in our new home! We can't wait!

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