Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hello Handsome!

The pressure that was being placed on Wrekker’s eye has made his eye permanently become like a flattened basketball, or that is how the doctors describe it. This means that his hemangioma eye, is always slightly out of focus. Dr. Dries, our ophthalmologist, prescribed our sweet Wrekker with infant glasses. THEY. ARE. ADORABLE! He is without a doubt, a show stopper everywhere we go. They are called Mira flex glasses, and they are very expensive, and designed for infants, toddlers, and small children. They can bend in every direction, and are virtually indestructible! We also were asked to keep an eye patch over his GOOD EYE every day for a few hours, to make sure that his bad eye is doing all that it can to become stronger. We didn’t realize that if infants don’t learn to see within the first year of their life, they will never be able to teach their brain that trait. We are truly so blessed and so amazed at all these doctors know and teach us. They truly have Wrekker’s best interest in mind and take such good care of him. He doesn’t love to wear the eye patch and it has definitely become a struggle in our home to keep it on, the glasses however, he does really well with. They are just a part of his life and I don’t think he really knows any differently.

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