Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wrekker Kase: Seven Months Old

Wrekker is seriously the cutest dang thing. We are so in love with him. He has the craziest personality and is always smiling. I know all mom's probably think their kids are smart...but Wrekker is SO smart! We are so blown away by all he can do. At 7 months he has moved from sitting up to loving to stand. He loves grandpa. He loves to be in his standing saucer toy. He loves to watch baby first tv, especially mio mao and will bob his head to the songs. He loves the sink and loves water. He loves Saturdays and waking up to dad. He loves waiting for him to come home from work and seeing him walk in the door. He loves to chew on things and has a whole mouth full of teeth ready to pop through. He gets so excited that his whole body stiffens up when he squeals. He loves to eat suckers. He takes his jammies off in his sleep. He is always happy and growing up every single day.

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