Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wrekker Kase: Five Months Old

Wrekker has started to eat baby food. He is doing really well with it. I started for about two weeks with the step one size and realized that our sweet boy was going to eat us out of house and home before I had originally anticipated. He would seriously just cry hysterically when he realized that he had taken the last spoonful. It was hilarious, and heart breaking all at the same time. I guess he gets his emotions and piggy-ness from his mother. So I quickly switched to stage two and now Wrekker eats two big fruits and one big veggie every day. Wow... I now know why babies are so expensive! Wrekker loves to hold books and look at pictures. He even holds the books the correct way and will help you turn the pages. He is so smart! He loves his Grandma and enjoys the one day a week that he sleeps at her house. She helps us so much by taking him on Sunday night so she can babysit him on Monday. He rolled over for the first time at her house. I was so sad because I missed it and knew it would happen any day now. I guess my mom was doing dishes and went in the other room for two seconds and when she came out Wrekker was on his belly. My mom kept walking by, and then stopped quickly when she realized that wasn’t how she left him! She went back in and he continued to roll over from that point on. His little body is so strong, he decided to do the hard version first, and rolls over from back to belly no problem! Wrekker loves water. He loves to take showers and baths and I love watching him just get so excited and splash his little legs and arms as water drips down his face without a care.

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