Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wrekker Kase: Four Months Old

Wrekker is getting so big so fast. He is growing every day and it is so hard to believe four months have crept past us. He is now eating rice cereal for breakfast and he loves it. He or I never quite make it out the kitchen clean though. Wrekker loves to take showers. He will lay and just kick his feet against the shower water. This is usually the only way that mom can get ready in the morning. He is always content to just hang out for at least five or ten minutes so I can quickly get ready. He loves to blow bubbles on demand with you and has so much personality. He likes to sit in his bumbo and help mom make dinner or watch me do the dishes. He loves to ride around in daddy’s jeep and it doesn’t even bother him to bounce around. He will even stay calm if the top is off and we are riding slowly letting the wind blow in his face. His little eyes will blink as he tries to figure out what keeps blowing on him. He tries to hold his bottle by himself and already thinks he is so grown up!

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