Thursday, April 9, 2015

Wrekker Kase: Six Months Old

Wrekker celebrates his half birthday this month! We are so in love with him! He has so much personality and is full of so much happiness. He loves to wear his Carhart hat and be just like dad. He loves to be outside. He loves the sunshine, the birds, the grass, watching cars drive by, you name it! Wrekker has this insane love for Kason. It is adorable and so precious. He gets so excited when he comes home and can’t wait to be in his arms. Wrekker loves his grandma! He loves to swim in the little kiddie pool while we wait for the big one to get warm. He hates to wear his eye patch and we go through several a day during his one hour time slot. He loves to eat and loves his baby snacks. 

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