Thursday, April 23, 2015

Wrekker Kase: Twelve Months Old

Wow! Wrekker is ONE! What a blessing this last year has been. We have had ups and downs but Wrekker is such a joy and brings us all so much happiness! He loves to dance every time he hears music. He loves daddy's truck and will sit in there for hours if we would let him! He loves his lawn mower. He winks, with his entire face, just like mom! He says "juice" every time he wants a drink. It is really cute! He says, "stock" when he calls for his puppy. He says "no" when he is touching something mom doesn't want him to. He says "tractor", and tells you he is one year old with his pointer finger. He can also count to two. He likes to ride his horse and says, "weeee". He loves his books and asks you to read them by saying, "book". He has started eating big boy food and no longer has bottles.

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